Be Proud To Be Like A Girl

by madison smith

Why Is Being A Girl A Threat?

Have you ever heard the saying "You throw like a girl" or "You run like a girl or maybe even "You scream like a girl." Lets talk about how "being like girl" is effecting our society. Most girl today worry about things that guys would consider foolish to panic about, but what they don't see is how they are the ones who make us worry about how good our hair looks, what we wear to school, or how much we weigh. As most girls go through puberty they become very insecure about themselves, and how they perform in everyday life. This includes the things they love... most people from the ages 10-16 have been told "you throw like a girl." when Someone said's those words we automatically think our throw was powerless. These thoughts change our mind about who we are, they bring us insecurities to believe we stink at something we once thought we were the best at.
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Being A Girl Is An Honor

As we grow we will learn that we are strong independent women,but we sometimes get a little weak. This is why i believe we should have a memorial, to remember what it is like to feel powerless, and try our hardest to make being a girl not only an acception but a want as well. My hope for the next couple of years is not only for the community, but also the world to be able to say "throwing like a girl is to throw with power, heart, and joy" because that is what being a girl is. The next time someone say anything about you being like a girl, dont get upset or take it as a threat... accept it, and say thank you because they just payed you a complement that should mean the world
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My Memorial

Will be placed in Pasadena, California at the rose bowl stadium, because many people travel their yearly, as fun and a 10 by 10 ball will catch anyone's attention. My memorial will be made out of granite with engravings.