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November 25th-26th & December 2nd-6th

Holiday Shop Volunteers Needed

Thank you for your interest in helping during Holiday Shop week. Please sign up below for any slots that you are able to assist. The Holiday Shop takes a lot of preparation prior to opening, assistance during the classroom shopping sessions, as well as tear down. If we do not have enough volunteers to fill all of the slots, regretfully the Holiday Shop will need to be cancelled. We appreciate your assistance in helping to make this year's Holiday Shop a huge success!

- Your Havel Volunteer League

Holiday Shop Tentative Schedule Below

10th- Trpkovski, GUdding, Glanert, Kramer, Baydoun

11th- Tomasak, Rossi, Campbell, Versteegden, Riddle, Sutter

12th- Inwood, Maki, LeLone, Bury, Cooke, Boroski

13th-Greenhalgh, Kostrzeba, Berry, Horne, Leline

Holiday Shop Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in helping during Holiday Shop week. Please sign up for any slots that you are able to assist.

K-6 Curriculum Updates

6th Grade

Social Studies: We are studying Africa. We are specifically looking at the latitude location of Africa being centered on the Equator and what effects this location causes. We are discussing the rainy belt, along with the animal and human populations in relation to the rainy belt or lack thereof.

Math: The students have been working on ratios. The students learned how to create double number lines and tables to represent equivalent ratios. We have also discussed unit rates and apply that new knowledge to real-world scenarios. We will be heading into percentages in our next unit.

Advanced math: The students have been working with fractions and drawing models on how to divide and multiply. Students have also been introduced to variables and solving 2-step equations. Our next unit will focus on algebra and inequalities.

Science: Students will be learning how to read and use a compass in a fun filled treasure hunt activity over the next 2 weeks.

5th Grade

ELA: The Fifth grade classes continue implementing the technique of using Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning while using a "Making Thinking Visual' routine of Tug of War. We also use Accountable Talk during our partner conversations and within our Discussion Circles.

Science: We are currently still working on Patterns in the Sky and Phenomenal Science: To Infinity and Beyond. Students continue to model, demonstrate, and converse throughout our unit to demonstrate their knowledge.

Social Studies: Our new unit takes our 5th graders back 500-600 years to a time of exploration. We have been learning about the interaction between Asia, Europe and Africa during the 1400's-a time of mighty kingdoms or empires and the trade that brought these people together. Next up, we will study Columbus's exploration that brought the two sides of the world together; forever connecting the eastern hemisphere with the western. We'll look at the good and bad sides of this connection as we learn more about Columbus and the explorers that followed him.

Math: Our 5th grade math students finished their unit on adding and subtracting decimals. The students also learned how to compare two decimals and how to solve problems using estimation. Our next unit introduces two new concepts:multiplying and dividing fractions. Students will demonstrate their understanding of these new concepts by drawing models.

4th Grade

Math: Students have been learning several different methods to multiply one-digit by two-digits and one-digit by three-digits. They are then able to choose the method that they feel most comfortable using. Many of our parents asked "Why are they learning all of these different methods?" My answer to that would be simply to deepen their understanding of the content and to fill their "toolbox" with "tools" they can use when solving problems. Also, when asked to solve a problem using any "Numeric Method", they simply mean to write the steps you use to solve numerically (i.e. 5 x 25=, (5x20)+(5x5)=, 100+25=125). So, for example, if they use the "Shortcut Method", which is how most of us learned how to multiply "back in the day", they just write the problem and show the numbers they carry over. If they use an area model, they would write the steps they used to solve in number form as well. If you ever need further explanation, please don't hesitate to send a Remind text or an email to Mrs. Horne. (cori.horne@uticak12.org)

Science: Students engaged in a variety of hands-on activities to help them understand sound energy. They truly learned how sound travels in vibrations through these activities. They also explored with how sound travels through different mediums (solids, liquids, and gases). There were a ton of great conversations taking place while engaging in these activities. It was fun to watch those "ah-ha" moments. Next, we will be moving on to electrical energy. Students will continue to explore electrical energy through a variety of hands-on activities. Be sure to ask them all of the cool things they have learned in science!

Social Studies: Students just wrapped up their 1st unit on the "Fundamentals of Social Studies". They learned about the different social scientists, what they study, and why they study what they do. For example, students learned about a geographer. They learned that geographers study our Earth using the five themes of geography. They also learned about a Political Scientist, a Historian, and an Economist. While learning the basics of these specialists, students learned a bit about the questions they ask. Today they follow that unit with a unit assessment. Following this unit, they will be moving on to "The United States in Spacial Terms". In this unit, students learn a lot about the Geographer and the questions they ask. They will use the Five Themes of Geography to describe movement, regions, human/environment interaction, location, and place. They will look at different special purpose maps, and learn about different landforms on Earth. I am sure your child will be able to share tons of cool facts with you as we work our way through this unit.

Our Michigan Map trip, reading and using a map, will lead us up through the holiday season.

3rd Grade

The students of third grade have been hard at work. We continue our study of multiplication and division in Math. Our Mathematicians are hard at work at mastering their basic facts. We continue to dig deeper in our reading series as we complete the close reading strategies. Our geographers are wrapping up their study of Michigan's regions and climate. We will be moving on to Michigan's first people after the Thanksgiving break. The third grade scientists will begin their study of electricity and magnetism. They cannot wait to create their very own electromagnet.

2nd Grade

Second grade is in full swing! The children are working on reading informational text and identifying non-fiction text features. We have been working on writing a complete paragraph, including a topic sentence, three detail sentences and a closing sentence. In math, we are learning about place value as we start double-digit addition. Second graders have been working on their handwriting using Handwriting Without Tears. We have completed out study of different community types in social studies. In science, the children have been learning all about states of matter. We have also been working at stations for our blended learning with ESpark. It has been a busy start to the school year!

1st Grade

We've had a busy fall in first grade! We are currently working on Unit 3- finding missing partners using different addition and subtraction strategies. In reading, we are working on schema, inferring, and prediction with close read units as well as our McGraw-Hill series. In writing, we are focusing on writing 3 great sentences on one topic using our "I can" writers checklist. We are looking forward to many fun educational activities throughout the holiday season!


Kindergarten students have been making growth by leaps and bounds in academic and social areas. Our mornings are filled with tracking print in small groups, sounding out and using new sight words, creating small sentences with capital letters, spaces, and even a period! Rhyming has brought delight to our eager learners. (Rhyming is the stepping stone to word families.) New vocabulary such as: ' title, author, illustrator, and character' are being used in our conversations, writing stations, small group work, and even play time. Visible Thinking skills were used to help the students understand the reasons for the character's actions, behavior's, and/or choices. A Step Inside activity included hands-on learning which the children created together. Dreambox, eSpark, and Raz Kids have been successfully used in small groups to enhance our reading and math skills. Math learning is packed with numerous activities in small groups, whole groups, math stations, and individual activities designed to reach the children at their own levels. Ten frames, position words (above, below, next, before, etc.), adding on to five, greater, less, equals, adding, subtracting, calendar skills, geometric shapes, patterning, identifying groups, and subtracting one, have made the young children feel like math mathematicians! Science and social studies have included the five senses, eating healthy, holidays and traditions, the four seasons, and the emotions we feel when we help and give to others. Sharing feelings and writing what we are thankful for, has made our holiday spirit begin with a warm feeling!

Thanks to the passing of the bond last year we were able to purchase walkie talkies for every classroom teacher and specialist!

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Thank you for the wonderful and delicious pie donations! The staff was humbled by your generosity and felt very loved and appreciated!

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Dates To Know


25th- HFII Marching Band Visit & Crew Meeting CREW SHIRT DAY

27th-29th- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving


2nd- Lockdown Drill

4th- Math O Meeting During Lunch

5th- HATS Meeting During Lunch & Rink Night

10th-13th- Holiday Shop (see schedule below)

10th- Trpkovski, GUdding, Glanert, Kramer, Baydoun

11th- Tomasak, Rossi, Campbell, Versteegden, Riddle, Sutter

12th- Inwood, Maki, LeLone, Bury, Cooke, Boroski

13th-Greenhalgh, Kostrzeba, Berry, Horne, Leline

10th- Staff Meeting

11th- Math O Meeting During Lunch

12th- HATS Meeting During Lunch

18th- Consumers Energy Assembly

19th- Staff Holiday Luncheon

December 23rd-January 1st- No School- Holiday Break