There's Always A Helping Hand

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“There’s no simple answer as to why people become depressed. It’s often a combination of things and it varies from person to person. We do know that some people are more likely to become depressed than others. Depression can also be triggered by a difficult situation in your life, or it can build up over many years. Sometimes there’s no obvious reason. “ Depression can be a really confusing thing. The best thing to do though is go talk to someone about it. “Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now – there is a way through.” If you are ever having harmful thoughts it is very important to ask for help. Some websites i used are How To Get Through It and The Cause.

Positive and negative plans

~Show others can help out

~Save lives (how)

~Show strategies that help

~Theres always someone to talk to

~show a mask

-One person with depression can lead to another one

-Percents of depression

-percents of suicide (because of depression)

-Show how it affects family and Friends

-What depression is like