Levi Johnson

the capital of Bhutan is Timphu

The sport of Bhutan is archery


Sir. Ugyen Whagchuck was the first king of Bhutan in the early nineteen hundreds. The nation developed hydroelectricity technology.

Bhutan got its freedom in 1949.

people and places

Thimphu is the biggest city in Bhutan and is the nations capital.

The Bhutanese people live in very small villages.

Dzohgoha is the language of the Bhutanese people and most people in Bhutan can speak it.


Archery is one of the sports of Bhutan.

the women do not compete in archery.

Khuru also known as darts is a sport of Bhutan and women can play this sport.


The Bhutanese people are farming a lot and grow crops such wheat and barley.

They herd cattle like yaks and sheep.

The Bhutanese people sell hydroelectricity to India.

my choice

the Grandparents tell stories to the members of the family.

They use stories in school to teach them things like bravery,respect,and compassion.

The children learn to tell stories at a young age.


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