Northern ireland

About Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's capital and flag

Northern Ireland's capital is Belfast, and the flag is below, and the meaning of that flag is: the hand of Ulster, representing six countries of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland's geography

Northern Ireland's location is on the European continent, and it is surrounded by Ireland, and Great Britain is behind Northern Ireland.
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The government

Northern Ireland's type of government is a constitutional monarchy, The leader of all of Ireland (even northern Ireland) is Mary McAleese. Their leaders are chosen by a secret ballot by using the alternative vote, after the candidates are nominated, the ballot is sorted and electors are chosen.

The economy

Northern Ireland Is very rich, Their main export is Ireland, Northern Ireland's life expectancy is: Men 77 years old, and Women 81.5 year old average. The birth rate for all ages is 88.8%. The literacy rate is 19.6%.

Their culture

Northern Ireland's traditional clothing:(below), it's modern clothing:(below) , their major languages are English and Irish. Northern Ireland's major holidays are: Boxing day, Christmas day, and Remembrance Sunday. The religions are Christianity, and that religion's beliefs are that a saint called god created mankind, and is perfect and forgiving.There is also the devil, a god for the evil people to make them suffer in the underworld. The food dish that is popular is Calcannon: Mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage.
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The climate

The general weather conditions in Northern Ireland is:temperate maritime climate. The average yearly rainfall is 177.0 mm (millimeters) of rainfall. Their average yearly temp. is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The affects that the climate has on the country is: .

Northern Ireland's history

The great Irish Famine was a potato blight that destroyed two-thirds of the staple crops in Ireland, it also killed about 1 million people, and that made 1 million more move away.

Battle of Carrickfergus, an invasion from the French.

Compare and contrast

Even though Northern Ireland has a Christian religion, it is lead by a monarchy, or King/Queen. Before America was created, Great Britain was very strict about religion, therefor, the only religion that the king allowed was christianity. (This dates to unspecific times)