Southport Elementary School

August 16, 2019

Principal's Message

SES Families:

As a school community, we want to create meaningful experiences for your student so they not only learn the required standards and content but grow as people and leave our district ready for life and career. Below, I have highlighted a few projects from the beginning of the year:

  • In Project Lead the Way, fifth graders are analyzing data from our school nurse about illness and absences so they can come up with a plan to reduce clinic visits at our school. They are learning about the spread of germs, data analysis, and the scientific method while making a positive impact on our school.
  • All fifth graders have been challenged by our local YMCA to decrease screen-time for our young people and design outdoor games for SES recess and the YMCA program. Today, our fifth graders are leading all SES students in outdoor games that increase physical fitness and promote teamwork and collaboration.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade students have learned about being successful and something called agency. Agency is a mindset and characteristics of successful people who are willing to tackle a challenge and persist to a goal.

We have also welcomed over 20 community partners into our building this year. These partners represent a diverse group of companies and occupations and allow our students to work with professionals in their field.

We will soon have some parent information nights to learn more about these exciting shifts in our learning environment.


Jeff Spencer

SES Principal


SES Nulepa hna:

Sianginn lei nih kan siangngakchia caah caa cawnding an chuahpi mi leng in hmailei an upat tik ah kan umnak pawngkam a humhim deuhnak caah a zoh khenh kho tu si ding le an mah pumpak tthan chin nak caah a hlei in cawnnak kan ngeihpiak hna. A tanglei hi tlawmpal thawngthanhnak cu asi lai:

  • · Kan sianginn mizaw zohnak khaan ah siangngakchia dam lo in a tin mi le sianginn kai a bau mi an tam pah caah taangnga pawl nih Project Lead the Way khaan ah hi kong he pehtlai in zeiruang bik ah dah an dam lo, zawtnak rungrul I chonhnak kong le, zeitindah sianginn kai an bau lo deuh lai timi hlathlainak an tuah cuah mah lio asi.
  • · YMCA lei nih kan taangnga siangngakchia pawl zeitindah mino le ngakchia nih hin phone le computer he I hlat ter deuh ding in cawlcanghnak an tuah/chimh pi hna. Atu ahcun kan taangnga pawl nih kan SES siangngakchia pawl vialte an cawlcangh pi hna I chimh cawnpiaknak tete zong an tuah pi hna.
  • · 2nd le 3rd pawl nih an cawn lio mi cu hlawhtlinnak hmuhnak lam le agency timi hi asi. Agency timi cu hlawhtlinnak a hmu mi mifim pawl an ruahnak le an nunziaza in zeitindah a har mi thil an pah I hlawhtlinnak an hmuh timi kong asi.

A pakulnak kan community chungah a thar he I pehtlainak kan ngei tthan. Hi kan I pehtlai mi hna cu a dangdang rian a ttuan mi companies group pawl an si. Kan siangngakchia nih zeibantuk rian dah an ttuan I hmailei ah zei rian dah ttuan ve an duh timi timhlamh cia nak an ngeih khawhnak ding caah tuahpiak mi an si.

Hi hnu tlawmpal ah nulepa nih theih herh mi le kan caacawn ning kong he pehtlai in thawngtheihternak a um tthan te lai.

Lawmhnak he,

Jeff Spencer

SES Principal


Familias de SES:

Como una comunidad escolar, queremos crear experiencias significativas para nuestros alumnos para que ellos no solo aprendan las normas y contenido pero también crezcan como persona y dejar a nuestro distrito listo para la vida y sus carreras. Enseguida he subrayado algunos proyectos del comienzo del año.

  • En Project Lead the Way, alumnos de quinto grado están analizando datos de nuestra enfermera sobre enfermedades y ausencias para que puedan llegar a un plan para reducir visitas clínicas en nuestra escuela. Están aprendiendo sobre el desparramo de gérmenes, datos de análisis y método científico mientras logran un un impacto positivo en nuestra escuela.

  • Todo quito grado será retado por nuestro YMCA local para disminuir el tiempo pasado enfrente de una pantalla en nuestra juventud y diseñar juegos al aire libre durante el receso en SES y en el programa de YMCA. Hoy nuestros alumnos de quinto grado llevaron al resto de los alumnos a juegos al aire libre que aumentan la actividad física y promueven trabajo en equipo y colaboración.

  • Alumnos de 2do y 3er grado han aprendido en triunfar y algo llamado agency. Agency es un estado mental y rasgos de personas triunfadoras cuales están dispuestas a combatir una batalla y lograr una meta.

También hemos dado la bienvenida a más de 20 compañeros de la comunidad a nuestra escuela este año. Estos compañeros representan un grupo de diverso y de ocupaciones y ayudan a que los alumnos trabajen con profesionales en su campo.

Pronto tendremos información en noches para padres para aprender sobre estos horarios en nuestro ambiente de aprendizaje.


Jeff Spencer

Principal de SES

5th Grade Project Based Learning- Outrageous Outdoor Fun!

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More fun happening at SES!

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Lunch Information for 2019-2020


Elementary Breakfast $1.50

Reduced Breakfast $.30

Lunch Pricing:

Elementary Lunch $2.60

Reduced Lunch $.40

Adult Lunch $3.50

*Free/Reduced Lunch applications must be filled out every year. The deadline to submit a new application for the 2019-2020 school year is September 1st.

Applications are available in Skyward>Food Service>Applications. Paper applications are also available in the office.

Introducing our Eagles Action News Crew

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Club Sponsors: Mrs. Burns and Mr. Loveless

Members: Hope Tanner, Jimena Velazquez Nunez, Biaktha Khun, Ella Thompson, Jade Penniston, Piper Leber, Lai Billy Thang, Luri Ting, Tristan Gill, Peter Ceu

Artist of the Week!

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Lawm Na Par Mawi's design was chosen to be the new logo for our Southport Elementary Eagle Action News crew!

Southside Indy Aquatics

Come swim with us! Southside Indy Aquatics (SIA) offers year-round swimming for children of all ages that focuses on stroke technique, competitive swimming and having fun! SIA will be having an evaluation and registration night on Monday, August 26 th at Southport High School from 6-7 pm. Enter door 8. Email Stacy Reinke for more information at

PTEF Family Fit Fest

Saturday, Sep. 28th, 9am-12pm

Southport High School, 971 East Banta Road, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Please join us for the PTEF Family Fit Fest, featuring the Coach Hathaway 10k, 5k & 1-Mile Run! This fun community event is open to people of all ages and ability levels. In addition to the run, enjoy a circuit of fitness activities led by district PE teachers, a health & community fair, and a ¼-mile Kiddie Romp with school mascots. New name, new look, expanded offerings for kids and families – same 10k, 5k, and 1-mile run you’ve come to know and love for the past eight years. Join us as we raise money for our mission to inspire learning, teaching, and community in Perry Township. Learn more and register:
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