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District Digital Resources

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Educational Video Streaming and eBook Resource

The focus of this resource is Science and Social Studies and includes such concepts as:

American Indians
US Government
Civil War
Westward Expansion
Thirteen Colonies
Earth Science
Human Body
and much more!

Each concept has a handful of videos that are relevant, concise, and useful for a quick reminder or intro to the topic. For each video there is also an ebook for the students to view as well as more videos, other articles, project ideas and more to assist in mastering the topic.

This resource is a great one to use in class, especially when students need a little more to fully understand a concept and could even be accessed by students at home or as a self-paced lesson.
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Educational Video Streaming Resource

This resource has over 16,000 streaming videos archived for use by teachers and students. They cover every content area and can even be searched by standard and grade. They are formatted as news stories and give students a good informational view of current events as well as core content topics.

These videos can be shared, emailed, and even offered as extra tools to parents and students to confirm mastery of a given topic.

You can make playlists for your class in order to make viewing easier as well.
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Timeline Resource and Creation Tool

This tool is a really interesting one in that it allows for both creation of timelines to be saved or shared as well as a database which searches for timelines of various topics.

Some of the topics that students can look up timelines for are:

Notable People
Parts of the World
Science and Technology
Society and Culture
World History

Within these major topics are sub-topics to specify the timelines that fit the user's search best.

These timelines would work really well during research projects or units as well as during extensions of major concepts to provide that visual connection. They would also work well for STAAR-like questioning surrounding a graphic.

The timelines, both created and published, can provide further digital resources like embedded videos, images, etc.; making them an interactive experience for the user.
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eBook Resource

This resource provides a vast amount of eBooks for teachers to display on projectors, share with students, provide students access at home, etc.

The eBooks range in content from Biographies, Mathematics, Arts, History, Animals, Space, High Interest, Science & Nature, Humor, and more!

This is an excellent resource to use with your students. They can access it individually or as a class. Look into all this resource has to offer! It would be incredibly easy for you to find further free and reliable resources from this digital database.

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