By: Reagan Mathew

My Personal perspective on perseverance

When I think of the word perseverance, i think of a person who fights for what they believe in even if there are obstacles. When a person shows perseverance, they fought through struggles to reach there goals and they don't say no because they believe that no isn't an option. A lot of athletes show perseverance through medical conditions and physical appearance.
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Jackie Robinson vs. Eleanor Roosevelt

Jackie and Eleanor are both very similar with there triumphs but they also have a lot of struggles along the way. including the fact that they both got ridiculed from society and got treated very poorly. They also have many differences. Including when Jackie would get ridiculed by the crown and the other team when Jackie would go up to bat. And when Eleanor Roosevelt
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How to Describe the "Woman of the World"

She was very intelligent and wise. People thought that she was very confident as she grew older and because her om wasn't there to make her lose her confidence so she grew a lot of confidence over the years before she met Franklin. she was always happy to help children because one of her favorite things to do was to help children feel special and not how she felt as a child. She was very helpful to the community and she always thought of others before herself. She would never give up on what she believed in and she never gave in. She versed many adversities along the way though. she had to deal with the fact that her husband had grown very ill and was diagnosed with poliomyelitis, while he was in office. But that didn't stop her when she stood up to her stepmother to let Eleanor's husband stay in office and she won the argument.

Comparing Contrasting #42

This will show all of the good things about Jackie Robinson. It will also show you the difficult times when he would have to face his problems but what was special about Jackie was that he knew how to block out all of the haters and just focus on himself and that what got him through.
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Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery is a runner. she is one of the fastest girls in long distance in her state. she has won many title and many trophies and metals. But the only thing that makes her different from everybody else.
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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill showed people to believe in there country. He would be inspired to show people that they could win the war. He wanted to give people the want to fight for there country.
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In Conclusion...

I hope that you have learned all that you would like to know about perseverance. I hope i taught you how these people fought there adversities to make them selfs happy and to tai acceptance from society. I hope you learned how important that these people did what they did and most of them have disabilities but that didn't stop them from persevering through the struggle. I hope you will persevere through whatever life throws at you and I know that everybody can persevere, they just need the confidence to do it.