Zoo Veterinarian

by Jennifer Cluckey

Salary Range

Once you become a zoo veterinarian, you can get an average of $57, 430 per year. The average per hour rate is $27.61.

Education Necessary to do Job Successfully

The education you would need to fulfill the requirements necessary to be successful are at least a Bachelor's Degree in biology, animal science or a related field. You could also get a Bachelor's Degree or better in Wild Animal Health.

Job Description and Duties

A zoo veterinarian examines sick animals and does check-ups on animals. They also take blood samples to make sure their blood is free of any possible parasites and healthy enough to do procedures. To complete these tasks they sedate the animal to ease stress and make sure the vets are safe. They sedate even tamer animals, too, for comfort. Zoo veterinarians often travel to different zoos within their area to check on animals.

Environmental Relationship

A zoo vet helps the environment by taking animals into captivity for short periods of time to improve their health then if they become healthy enough, bring them back to the wild. If their health condition they usually put them in zoos and monitor their health more frequently than other animals. This helps the environment by trying to prevent illnesses to spread throughout the species. Zoo vets also heal wild animals that are already in captivity. Healing them in captivity helps save the species also because they will still have that species healthy in captivity if they become extinct because of poachers in the wild.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages to having this job are constantly working with animals. You also improve the lives of animals daily. The only disadvantage is the risk of the animal waking up while operating. This would be a risk because you could be badly injured if the animal attacked.

Interesting Facts

The most interesting fact I found was the range of animals a zoo vet could work on throughout the day. They work could work on an elephant than get called to work on a ground hog then a giraffe. When you have this job there is normal day or schedule.