Werewolves for Dummies

Everything you need to know about werewolves

What is a werewolf.

A werewolf is a super natural human that at any time they want to they can transform in to a normal wolf. Werewolves live in packs which mean they have territory. A territory is a set part of land that the pack controls.


Werewolves have soulmates or mates for short, they are a gift from the Moon Goddess. Their mates are a person that is made just for them. When you meet your mate they become the only thing you ever thing about. When mates touch they both feel electrifying sparks.

Moon Goddess

The werewolves god is the Moon Goddess. She gives them their mates and in special times can communicate with the werewolves if necessary.

Parts of a pack


This is a quiz to test how well you know a werewolf.


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