Culture Project

by: Kaleb Stites

LG:1 Ancient China

*They spoke Chinese,They used Arabic letters.

*In primitive society, Knowledge was passed on orally by elders to their children.

*They believed that if the king or emperor were evil,heaven would send natural disasters as warnings.

*They traded silk,spices,fabrics,animals and exotic fruits.

*They settled in northeastern China.

*There government was ruled by dynasties,sometimes united under one dynasty but often competing dynasties in controlling different religions.

*They were located on the eastern part of Asia.

*Only Chinese people lived in ancient china.

LG:2 Ancient Egypt

*In Egypt they didn't really have charities.

*In Egypt the kids only had dolls, animal figures, board games, and marbles to play with each other.

*In Egypt, Egyptians learn to do jobs that don't involve agriculture.

*Egypt entered a period of change as the centralized rule weakened Egypt. Egypt united under a central government that ruled for centuries.

*Their positive outlook shaped their religion and led them to believe that the gods favored them.

*The needs in ancient Egypt are met by families because in Egypt they highly valued family life.

*Ancient Egypt education was a system which was implemented to educate the young children in various subjects and topics.

LG:3 Ancient Egypt

*When the pharaoh die's,they kill his wife and if he has a dog they kill the do too so they can Barry the dog with them.

*They acted in a way that they trust and worship there king/Pharaoh.

* Ancient Egyptians go to funerals and weddings.

LG:4 Ancient Egypt

*Ancient Egypt introduced basic technological concepts that the world still relies on.

*In ancient Egypt they form an opinion on what is going on by voting.

LG:5 Ancient China

*An idea in ancient china is the usage of fireworks for celebrations.It was used then and is still used today.

*Rulers used to be emperors and now they are called presidents.

*A tradition in ancient china is folk handicraft.