The Connection Week 5 Term 4

Huapai District School 17th November 2022


Life is full of challenges for our kids. They are met everyday with obstacles - friendships, schoolwork, sports, social media, family…yes, us too. As parents and teachers, we are the ones who need to guide and help them overcome these hurdles, setting them up with knowledge and tools to embark daily through their own obstacle courses.

Often we are led to believe obstacles are negative. Are they? Can an obstacle be positive? I think about the camps some of our children are currently attending, or just returned from. There were/are many obstacles that students face during these sorts of weeks and the greatest moment is seeing the mindset of a child shift from a fixed “I can’t…”, to a growth of “I’m scared, but I can…”.

Seeing kids showing up to challenges with this kind of mindset can really transform the way they approach any situation and conquer it with confidence. The obstacles turn into exciting opportunities to extend limits and reach potential.

Well done to all of you who face challenges head on with a positive growth mindset, and congratulations to the Year 8 students who conquered Tongariro this week - you are all capable of anything you put your mind to.

Keryn Annan

Deputy Principal

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 2nd December - Gumboot Friday
  • Thursday 15th December - End Of Term Assembly
  • Friday 16th December - Year 8 Assembly
  • Friday 16th December - Last Day Of School

Board Meeting

Monday 28th November - 6:30pm

We have moved the Board Meeting to Monday 28th November.

This meeting will be held in the school staffroom.

Parents are welcome to attend.

Blues Bus Christmas 2022


The Blues believe every child deserves a present under their Christmas Tree. So, this festive season they’ve partnered with The Salvation Army to bring back ‘Fill the Blues Bus’ Christmas appeal this year.

They are aiming to collect 43,000 gifts - a present for every seat at Eden Park!

THE EASTGATE BOYS – Lucas and Benji, want to get behind this amazing campaign. So if you are in the position to give this Christmas, please see the details below on how you can contribute.

Please drop off your unwrapped presents to:

- Room 2 or Studio 8

Monday 14th November through until Thursday 8th December 2022.

Gift Ideas

Donations of new, unwrapped gifts for children and teenagers (under 16yrs) are hugely appreciated.

Please avoid clothes as it is difficult to allocate sizes.

Below are a few popular gift ideas to help you.

Lost Property

Come and find your lost items on Friday during/after school

Room 2 kids have sorted through the mountain of lost property. This will be displayed outside of room 1-4 on Friday between 12 pm-3.30pm. Please come along and look for lost items.

Unclaimed items after this day, will be washed and sent to Op shops or uniform resold before the end of the year.

I urge you today to ensure all uniform, sun hats, swimming gear and shoes are clearly labelled. It is easier to return to the owner if it is named.

Last Day Of School

The last day of school for 2022 will be Friday 16th December.

Creative Matters - Term 4

Aroha Skate Lessons

Aroha Skate is back again in term 4. Register your child below for the weekly after school sessions.

Music Lessons With MusiqHub

MusiqHub are looking forward to another awesome year of music in 2022 at Huapai School! They will have some slots available for Guitar, Drums, Piano and Ukulele lessons in Term 3. If you're interested, be sure to get in touch to reserve your spot or ask any questions you may have. Contact details below:

Drums -

Guitar, Keyboard and Ukulele -

2023 Term Dates

These are the Term Dates for 2023:

Term 1: Thursday 2nd February - Thursday 6th April

Term 2: Monday 24th April - Friday 30th June

Term 3: Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September

Term 4: Monday 9th October - Tuesday 19th December

There will be one Teacher only day and this will be held on Friday 2nd June (Queens Birthday weekend). This day will be for a combined schools teacher only day.

2022 Term Dates

Our 2022 Term dates are:

Term 1 - Thursday 3rd February - Thursday 14th April

Term 2 - Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July

Term 3 - Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September

Term 4 - Monday 17th October - Friday 16th December

HERO Notifications

We use HERO to send classroom updates, to share regular learning posts and now for payment on all in-school costs. HERO sends push notifications or emails. You can now choose how you receive HERO notifications as well as manage devices that receive them.

To set your own notification preferences:

  1. Click on your profile image

  2. Select EDIT PROFILE

  3. Scroll down to My Devices and select your preferences.

Or please see the full instructions linked below.

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