By: Meghna Gopalan


Perseverance is working hard towards a goal without giving up. However, in order to persevere you must overcome several adversities. Adversities are hardships, blocking your path to triumph. A triumph is a victory or win. When you have achieved your goal or succeed, you have triumphed. What is your road to perseverance?

The Story of The Lady Jags

The video Losing to Win shows that a team may not always win, but still has experienced something worthwhile and has gotten to know each other well. The video conveys this message, “It is okay to not always triumph when you persevere.” When you persevere, you gain things, such as friendships, trust and motivation, that are equally, if not more, important than winning a game. Many of the girls who were on the team ended up at Carroll Academy for several different reasons, including court order. Though basketball was required at the Academy, in the long run, the girls took on basketball as more than just a game they were forced to play. Carroll Academy helped the girls understand they had potential, regardless of their past, which included issues at home, misuse of drugs, or running away from their families. Girls from the academy mainly experienced these adversities because of their poor environments. In the video, it is shown that the overall problem, was that the Lady Jags experienced a 218 game losing streak. This led the girls to try harder, and practice more. Thus the team improved, but still did not triumph. This was okay because Carroll Academy made the girls come together as less than just a team and more of a family.

Breaking the Color Barrier: Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey

Branch Rickey was a noble man with determination. Jackie Robinson, was the baseball player chosen to be a part of Rickey’s Noble Experiment. Together, they inspired people all around the world to fight the power of segregation.They were inspired by an experience Branch Rickey had, while coaching a team with one African American player, a boy named Charley. A hotel once wouldn’t accommodate Charley because of his skin color. The coach came to a compromise with the attendant, to place a single cot in his own room for Charley. He was clearly upset about not fitting in and started scratching his hand, trying to scratch away the color. Mr. Rickey told him, one day, it wouldn’t matter what color his skin was. Influenced by this event and his desire to stop segregation, and have equality in baseball, Branch Rickey devised a plan called The Noble Experiment. The intended outcome of the experiment was to help find equality between blacks and whites. Jackie Robinson was chosen to be a part of this experiment. He was given an opportunity, and one he did not have the heart to pass up. Mr. Rickey prepped Jackie to be the first negro player on the Major League Baseball team. On the team, Jackie faced rejection, racial slurs, physical harm, and several insults. He faced many adversities he eventually had to overcome. As a result of this he achieved something great, which gave people hope. Jackie Robinson was given a chance in the Major Leagues.

One of the World's Greatest Poets

Winston Churchill was a very eloquent writer and well-known historical figure. He was born on November 30, 1874, in the UK. During his childhood, his parents weren’t around much, so his nanny took care of him. Throughout his life, Winston Churchill showed intelligence, hard work, and leadership. For example, his intelligence was shown when he was accepted into Harrow School, a boarding school that he went to at a younger age. He also became a very famous politician. Most importantly, Winston Churchill is known for leading the British onto path of victory when they were headed towards defeat, during World War 2. During this time, people really needed someone to step up and take lead, but more than anything, they needed inspiration. At this time, Churchill once said “ Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” From this quote, we know the true message Winston Churchill meant to give. He said that you should never give up trying on anything small or big, or if your opponent is strong. However, when the reason is for something noble and for a good cause, you can give in.

Leroy and Dartanyon, Built in Best-Friends

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Eleanor Roosevelt

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Many things can be learned from the perseverance of others, in order to overcome adversity is today's world. For example, all the people above have had to face hardships in life. Together, they have persevered through all their problems to succeed. Some even transcend beyond what was expected of them. In conclusion, a lot can be learned by seeing others and how they achieved their goals, and can highly influence others.