My Adventure to Yakustk, Russia!

By: Sam Parker


I went to Siberia from November 25th to November 30th. I'm traveling at this time because this is when my school does Thanksgiving break.


I went to Yakutsk, Russia from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had to travel partially along the Trans-Siberian Railroad to get there
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I'm traveling to Yakutsk, Russia to learn more about the Siberian culture so I can also teach the rest of my Social Studies class how they lived and functioned.


During this trip, I'll be traveling with my close family and a few other friends to go along.


Along the way, on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, I saw some cool landforms like expansive steppes, vast plains, and treacherous mountains.

Things I saw

On my way to Yakutsk, I saw a few Nanet villages that consisted of many yurts and I saw Saint Basil's Cathedral in Mosow, Russia.
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Thanks for looking at my flyer!