Being Safe Online

Interesting/important points and facts

People Online

1. Don't talk to people online if you don't know them.

2. If you don't feel comfortable saying that to their face do not say it at all.

3. Do not bully people online.

4. Never meet anyone in person that you met online.

5. Never tell anybody to meet you in person if you don't know them.

6. Ask your parents before you give out info.

7. Don't be afraid to tell your parents if something is going on online.

Personal Info

1. Do not give out any personal info to anybody. (even if you know them)

2. Do not take anybody's personal info.

3. Think before you post.

4. Give you parent your passwords and usernames.

Online you should be...



1. Turn on all privacy settings as possible.

2. You can also block people online too.

3. Do not follow people you don't know.

4. Do not let people follow you you don't know.

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