What's Happening in Room 24?

Mrs. Theobald's 4th Grade Class - NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Chapter 6 Math Test Corrections - Test will be handed back on Wednesday of this week, and students can complete their test corrections (optional) for extra credit toward their test grade. Please encourage your child to look over their test and find their mistakes even if they choose not to complete the test corrections page. Corrections are due Friday.

Biographies - In reading, our class has begun researching a person who has made a difference. They will spend the next 2 weeks reading their biography books for their reading bookmark homework. It is important that they take notes on their notecards while they are reading. If something sounds interesting or meaningful when they read, they can jot it down on the appropriate notecard that we labeled in class together. They must have their book read and their notes complete by the time we return from break so that they can begin their rough drafts. Please help your child figure out how many pages they must read each night to keep up. Thank you!!

Room 24 Thanksgiving Cultural Feast - Thursday, November 21st from 12:45-2:00

Parents are welcome to join in the festivities that afternoon. Please take a look at the letter that comes home this week with your child and start thinking about a traditional food dish you could possibly share at our feast next week.

Science Chapter 1 Test - The kids will be taking their chapter 1 Science test next Wednesday, November 20th. We will discuss in class how they can study to do well on the test.

Thanksgiving Break - November 23 - December 1

Winter Break - December 21 - January 5

New Technology App to try at Home: Trading Cards - Students have created cards that represent their weekly vocabulary words. They can also create a card for a fictional character or setting! Ask your child about how it works.

What Have We Been Learning About??


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