E Team Newsletter

Week of March 31st

I Scream, U Scream for the Blackburn has Talent

Hello everyone! "Blackburn Has Talent" is quickly approaching. It is always fun for the kids to participate in a talent show, doing what they enjoy most. There will be a flyer sent home to you in the next couple days with more details about the talent show. Every year at the talent show, there is a silent auction which includes a unique theme from each classroom. These auction baskets always turn out fantastic! We wanted to let you know our theme is "I Scream U Scream." Please send an item in related to your child's class's theme by Monday, April 7th. The talent show/silent auction is Friday, April 11th, and this allows us time to arrange the items to look presentable and desirable.
We ask that you please come to the talent show to give your support to the kids, and to check out and bid on the wonderful auction baskets you have all contributed to. Its amazing what can be achieved when we all work together! Thank you in advance for your donations toward your classroom baskets.

We {HEART} North Carolina

We celebrated North Carolina in February with our "I {HEART} North Carolina" posters. Students presented their posters and we learned about everything from the peaks to the piedmont to the coast. We learned about different people who came from North Carolina or chose to make N.C. their home from Andrew Jackson "Old Hickory" to Andy Griffith. We loved learning about different places that we could visit from the Outer Banks to Grandfather Mountain. Students shared many memories and made so many connections with each other and to the places they love.

A special thanks to our sweet Anna who brought in Krispy Kreme donughts for everyone that went along with his poster. A very yummy project.

Math and Science

Students continue to study decimals: comparing, ordering, naming, and adding and subtracting. They have made much progress with the concept of changing fractions to decimals and decimals back to fractions and mixed numbers. Comparing decimals has proven to be challenging. It is difficult for students to understand the concept that 0.2 has a larger value than 0.19. We are discussing the value of the numbers in each place value to clarify this concept.

POD: Problem of the Day continues to be an expectation on a daily basis. We are currently reviewing problems that are very much like those seen on last year's End of Grade Test. Please encourage your child to work independently on these problems and show their work each day. It would be a great idea for you to take a look at POD periodically, as you will be impressed by your child's abilities!

AM: Wow! The 4th Nine Weeks is off to a great start! I have 4 students who have already met their goal of 27 objectives! ....in 9 school days! Way to go! With all this progress, however, we are out of printer paper. If you would like to donate a pack of paper, we would GREATLY appreciate it. Way to go 4th graders!

Language Arts and Social Studies

Students are continuing to read and write poetry through Love That Dog, Hate That Cat and various other poetry books. Mrs. Esposito is very excited that the author Sharon Creech "retweeted" her tweet about how much her students love both books.

Students have also learned about an on-line gaming system called Kahoot! They have even taught both of Mrs. Stodden's 6th grade blocks and Ms. Werth's students too! We have some very LOUD learning going on in our classroom. We continue to learn and review figurative language (simile, metaphor, idiom, repetition, alliteration, etc...) through this on-line gaming system and the iPads.

Social Studies continues to be at each students pace. Students are working to finish all 28 SS Weekly Newspapers. Each newspaper focuses on a specific piece of history of North Carolina. Students who have finished the 28 newspapers are working on an enrichment project. They are choosing 10 of their favorite places in NC, writing two facts, and will upload their information to Google Drive and BatchGeo. Their final product will have "pins" on a map which will allow them to "hover" over each "pin" and display their places and facts on an on-line map.

Speical Dates to Remember

April 7th - "I Scream U Scream" Basket donations due

April 8th - Success Celebration - Bowling - Bag Lunch Needed

Chick-Fil-A Night

April 9th - Science Center Field Trip - Bag Lunch Needed

April 11th - Reading is Magic

April 11th - Talent Show

June 2nd - K-2 Field Day

June 3rd - Ready EOGs

June 4th - Ready EOGs

June 5th - NC Extend 2 EOG/5th Grade EOG

June 6th - NC Extend 2 EOG/5th Grade EOG

June 9th - 3-6 Field Day

June 11th - Make Up Field Day if needed

June 12th - Award Ceremonies

Awards Ceremonies

1st-2nd Grade 10:30 am

3rd-5th Grade 8:30 am

June 13th - Last Day of School