Friday Frugal

Happy Friday!

We're trying a new program for Friday e-mails and our building newsletter. Let us know what you think!

Upcoming Staff Meetings

9/22 Introduction of Coaching Cycle (Paul & Scott)

9/29 Late Start – Art to Remember PTO Fundraiser (Katie) / Teacher Eval System (TDE)

10/6 Responding to High-Conflict People and Hostile E-mails (BIFF) / Rob & Colette - Digital Learning Coaches / PBIS / PTO

10/13 Late Start - Trauma sensitive activity (Gretchen) / Math Technology, Assessments & Grading (Scott)

Change Process

Many thanks again to 5th grade teachers for sharing their work with us. Remember these important items when considering changes with your practice:

  • If you really want results, you can't hesitate with this type of change. It must be swift and decisive or it will never happen. Don't overthink it. Just do it and then reflect on it afterward. Otherwise you will only feel the pain of change without the gain. You don't need to be perfect! If it bombs, you simply begin again. We learn by doing.
  • Make it a daily habit. Routines you practice every day become more integrated over time, and kids also learn better this way. There are no shortcuts. It's hard, day-to-day work and things might seem to get worse for awhile before they get better. This is unavoidable.
  • We will always support you no matter what. Asking for help is not a sign of failure, so always keep the lines of communication open. You only fail when you don't engage. We believe in you!

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Paw Prides, Stars, and Kindness Stickers

Help keep the positivity going! We should be passing out at least 5 positive praises for every reminder/redirection we give.

Fire Drill Expectation

The expectation for for fire drills is silence. All students should be silent on the way out of the building and when they are standing in line outside. This ensures safety and makes communication for the Crisis Management Team much easier.

Ping Pong Table

We are very excited about our concrete ping pong table on the playground! Many thanks to Bei Dou Xing, PTO, Royal Run donations, and especially Nurse Vicky for their support!
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Have a great weekend! - Paul & Sara