Learning about Planets

This week, Saturn!!!

Factual Info

Saturn is 1.4 billion km from the Sun, And it is 1.2 billion km from the Earth. The outer atmosphere is basically hydrogen and helium. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, and the second largest planet in the solar system, after Jupiter. It is a gas giant made of hydrogen and helium. The average temperature is -288 Fahrenheit . The average year on Saturn takes 29.5 Earth years. The average day is 10 hours. You would weigh more on Saturn because there is a greater gravitational pull. Saturn has 62 total moons, which 52 are named.

Creative Info

On Saturn, there are a ton of hotels and some houses, since Saturn is mainly a place to visit. There are also spas and many water parks. The water is transported by Earth. There are a ton of sites you can see. The biggest hit are the many rings around it. You can take a picture of you, looking like you're standing on the rings. You can also see the beautiful core made out of iron, nickel, and rock. The way you can see it is by going in a special bus that can't be affected. Finally, you can see the solar system. Some activities are ice skating on the many rings. There is a monorail to transport you there and back. Another activity is walking on the core in a special suit.

Factual and Creative

To get to Saturn, people will travel in a cruise like space craft. It can fit up to 3000 people. You can be in Economy (1000 dollars per person), Business (2000 dollars per person), and 1st class (4000 dollars per person). It has 6 food courts, 3 watermarks, and 13 rec. centers. we also have an amusement park. Economy rooms have 2 kingsized beds, 2 sofas, a computer, a 55 inch TV, a bathroom with a garden tub, a toilet, and a sink. Business includes a 77 inch Plasma TV, 3 Kingsized beds, and marble floors in the room and bathroom, and anything else. 1st class includes 4 Kingsized beds with warmers, a floor made out of Diamond and Gold, a 88 inch Plasma TV, Room service, $10,000 cash for free, 5 sofas, 2 garden tubs, and a toilet with a feather seat. It would take 3 years to get there, but it's worth it!