Gorillas In Antartica

BY: Lawrence

How would They Survive?

If gorillas lived in the snow I think they could survive. They have a thick layer of fur to keep warmth. They could also meet new friends. Another thing is gorillas could learn to swim in the water and learn to hunt for fish. Others could play in the snow and spend time with there family. They would also make friends with other species if that last for a week.

What will They Eat or hunt?

If gorillas lived in Antarctica they would have lots of food. They could eat polar bears, snow leopards, and there babies could start off with hunting penguins. The men could go against other animals like polar bears. They could eat enough to last them a month.

How would they defend themselves?

If gorillas are defending themselves they are banging there chest. They bang there chest to show who's boss. They also scream to let you know they will attack. If that fails they would most likely charge at you or do a counter attack.