From the Library

Sept. 10

Just Sign Up 2nd or 3rd Grade

Genres, Series, and the Catalog! Whether you need to reinforce book selection, book access, or book awareness, this is the lesson to kick off decisions!

Children's literature in the movies...

Small Group Just Sign Up 2nd Grade

Any reading level is welcome. We will study astronomy for 5 days the week of Sept 21st in preparation for a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27. Meeting at 9:35.

Partial Eclipse begins

Sep 27 at 9:07 PM

Full Eclipse begins

Sep 27 at 10:11 PM

Maximum Eclipse

Sep 27 at 10:47 PM

Online parent communication

This newsletter is made with Smore. It was super easy. There are several companies like it, including MailChimp. Think of moving to something like this for your weekly parent newsletters. I would help you!

There's also an online tool designed for teachers to organize volunteers.