What's Your Type?

By: Jada Thomas-ISFP

Descriptions of ISFP

  • ISFP's are known for being charming and ingratiating when you first meet them.

  • For ISFP's organized education is difficult for majority of and many drop out before finishing secondary education.

  • ISFP's often live out experiences rather than writing or even talking about them

Career paths

Some Career paths they have for ISFP's is Cosmetology, religion education, Early childhood education, Artist, and or interior design.

Learning Styles

For ISFP's interest in learning a subject is related to if he/she describes it, "I like this, this is beautiful." Their desire to study sometimes increases with the possibility of receiving aesthetic pleasure from it.

Common traits

  • Charming

  • Sensitive to others

  • Imaginative

  • Passionate

  • Curious

  • Artistic

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