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Friday, April 24, 2014

It's Diffendoofer Day!

Dr. Seuss said it well..."Hip-Hip Hooray, it's Diffendoofer Day!" He was ahead of his times, writing a text about state testing. With the help of Dr. Seuss's secretary and author/illustrator Jack Prelutsky, the book was written from Dr. Seuss's notes and published after his death.

In the book, Diffendoofer Day, Miss Bonkers, their teacher, did cartwheels after the testing had ended ( much as I'd like to do one, it just can't happpen) The class also has a big celebration; "We laughed and whooped and hollered, the entire school day long---Then we all sang triumpantly, the Diffendoofer Song". Team 13 mangaged to "top off the week" with a fabuous icecream topping celebration. Thank you all for your generous contributions!

Thank you, too, for your help and support during the past two weeks of testing.

Reading Olympics...Already?

I know our county's 2015 Reading Olympics just took place at the beginning of April; however, the 2016 Book List was already released! I sent a copy home in the Wednesday communication folder, and a scanned copy is available on our third grde website. Many of Team 13 expressed an interest in being on a team next year in 4th grade. It is not too soon to start reading the texts that the questions will feature. You too, can be the proud parent of an olympian! :)

Dates To Remember:

  • Progress Reports will be sent home TOTDAY: 4/24/15

  • Permission slips for our Field Trip sent home on Wendesday-Due back by April 29th

Looking Ahead...

  • Field trip To The Museum of Natural Sciences, Thursday, May 7th
  • Friday, June 5th Talent Show Finalists due
  • Wednesday, June 17th Move-Up Day Activity 9:30-10:30
  • Wednesday, June 17th Talent Show 1:45-2:45
  • Thursday, Student Awards Assembly 9:30-10:30
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