Spanish Exploration

Exploring the South one step at a time

The Discovery of the New Land

The discovery of America was by Christopher Columbus. He lived in Portugal, but he was born in Italy. He sailed to new land which is now called America by the support of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand (Spain).

He reached the new land called the Bahamas in 1492. He did not know that he discovered a new continent at the time. When he arrived he found tobacco and gold in Hispania. This is all how America started.


Francisco Coronado took a 4-year trip to America to search for the City of Gold. He ended up discovering the Grand Canyon. He was sadly guilt of war crimes at the Grand Canyon.

Hernando De Soto also took a 4-year trip to Southern America. He crossed the Mississippi River and spreaded disease and violence. His people burned down a fort city in Alabama.

Editorial on the treatment of Aztecs

Hernando Cortez landed in Mexico so he could conquer the Aztec Empire. Montezuma II thought of Cortez as a GODDESS. So, that gave Cortez and idea to take him as a hostage. This helps him disease aids for the Aztecs which cause him to win and defeat them. So he has taken over Mexico for Spain.

Francisco Pizarro

I picked Francisco Pizarro because he was assassinated and that will never change in history because people still do that today. He was assassinated by the Spanish rival.

On his journey he managed to find to Lima, Peru. Him being assassinated was most likely his fault because he wasn't such a great guy himself. He captured Atahualpha and the Inca Empire. He collected a huge ransom from Empires release and then he killed the remaining Inca leaders.