About the Interns

From Thurgood Marshall High School

Our Role at SB

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work at Sports Basement. Some of our responsibilities include: sorting, folding, hanging, tagging and putting away inventory. If you haven't noticed we have disabilities, but we like to focus on the things we do well! We come to work on time, complete our tasks efficiently, work hard and do our best! We are very proud to work at Sports Basement and enjoy being a part of your team!

Tips for Working and Communicating with Us!

  • We are social and like to interact with you
  • We communicate in a variety of different ways - we use words, gestures, communication cards and other methods
  • Speak directly to us - if we aren't looking your way, we probably didn't catch what you said
  • If you do not hear/understand what we said, ask us to repeat ourselves, we don't mind!
  • Sometimes we get overwhelmed, we appreciate you being calm and understanding
  • Treat us as you would any other coworker
  • Relax :)



Dana Zimpelmann

(714) 782-4044