Jefferson For President

Vote For the Republican Party

Thomas Jefferson Should Be President

Thomas Jefferson, favoring the Republican party, should be president of the United States. He believes that informed citizens could make good decisions for themselves and for their country. The Federalist party, believing that only the best people should rule, come very close to creating a monarchy instead of a democracy. The Republican party favored agriculture over trade, business, and manufacturing. Jefferson states, "Those who labor in the Earth, are the chosen people of God." Jefferson and other Republicans believe that a national bank is unconstitutional and against farmers. The bank did not give loans to farmers to extend and buy land. Republicans believe in a strict construction of the Constitution, the Constitution meant everything that was written, nothing should be added or taken away. Thomas Jefferson should be president because he's for every citizen of the United States. He'd like equality and the people of the United States to enjoy the blessings of liberty.