Mesopotamia Life News

Weather Report

There was a flood, the Euphrates River. It over flowed once again! The farmers are raging with anger! There is a 79% chance that there will be no crops this year.Everyone remembers last year's Drought it crippled the corn,beans,and squash. everyone was in a range of fit. No one would go out because of the heat . The paid Army did not want to fight in war. Some will not be able to afford if this years crops cripple away slowly.

Sail the seven Seas with the Sailboat

Sail Sail Sailboats!

Now we can sail all seven seas! We can also cross the Euphrates and Tigris River. We needed water transportation, now we can trade with different countries.The first Sailboat was built in Mesopotamia! come and get them before we run out! The first 4 buyers get it for less! we have a 3 level sailboat for 57 shekels of sliver! come done to sinnqueh's Sailboats

A savior of settlements!

Ashok started the settlement from a flood in the west. 31 going the money but on the other hand he struck his father with the cooking pots of the Mesopotamian judges think he shall not with recieve 31 shekel of silver.clean water is very scarce the farmers have been using it because of about I use as little clean water as you can.