5th Grade Updates

General Information

Caraway Academies start Friday, October 7. This is an exciting new opportunity for students to explore an area of interest. Students will have their Academy assignment on October 4.

Fall Conferences

Conferences will be held starting October 10. Conferences will be held with your child’s homeroom teacher.

Classroom Updates


This week we continued investigating mixtures and focused on solutions. We learned about the concept of solubility.

Next week we will have an assessment on Mixtures and Solutions on Friday, October 7th. The following is a study guide: https://goo.gl/BlHd5s.


This week, we began our unit on fractions, starting with adding fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators. Next week, we will continue in this unit, working on subtracting fraction and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

Language Arts

This week we continued to cover literary elements. Students also worked on their personal narratives which are due on Wednesday, October 12. Students may access any Google Classroom assignments (ie. personal narratives) to work on at home.

Social Studies

This week, we created colony blogs for French, Dutch, English, and Spanish settlers. Next week, we are continuing to learn about the colonial regions of the United States.