Quake'n Shake'n

By: Tanner Eade, Avery Bridges, and Aiden Tijerina

What is an earthquake?

Earthquakes are catastrophic events that can do serious damage to large cities and skyscrapers. They do this by making the ground shake and rock around. But how does this work?

All across the Earth are things called tectonics plates. There are seven major plates and a lot of minor ones. These plates move around and occasionally bump into each other. When they move, not only can they make earthquakes, but they can make other things like mountains, volcanoes, fault lines, landslides and tsunamis. When the plates bump into each other, earthquakes can form.

Most cities on the coast are prone to earthquakes, because some are on fault lines. Fault lines are the ends of plates. This is where plates hit each other.



-Destroys natural habitats

-Liquefies soil

-Can cause tsunamis


-Destroys buildings

-Landslides and tsunamis (which also destroy buildings)

-Can kill you

How to prepare

How can we prepare?


1.Store essentials (food, water, medical necessities,etc.)

2.Practice how to drop, cover and hold on

3.identify safe spots around where you go regularly.


1.Stay where you are until the shaking stops.

2.Stay away from glass, windows, or anything that can fall.

3.Hold on to anything sturdy or strong enough.

Fun Facts!

1.It is estimated that several million earthquakes happen each year, but many go undetected due to remote areas.

2.The largest earthquake ever recorded was in Chile, with a magnitude of 9.5

3.More earthquakes happen in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern

4.An average earthquake usually lasts a minute

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