Naomi Segal-Bronstein

All children have the right to live their life

She Saved Their Lives

Naomi Segal-Bronstein was a hero to more than 30.000 children world wide. During the late 1960's and the end of the Vietnam war, Naomi was deeply affected by the news stories about Amer-Asian children abandoned by US soldiers who had fathered and then rejected them in South Vietnam. These children were ignored because of their mixed race and heritage. Happily, Naomi became a champion for children's rights all over the world. At considerable risk to her personal safety, she arranged for hundreds of children to b air lifted the safety of adoptive homes in Canada and the USA. Three years later, she founded Healing the Children, which enabled children to get to North America for medical treatment. All the children Naomi saved when to nice homes and lived a better life because of just one person. Naomi is a hero because she inspires others to change to world.

My Hero

Heroes are just some people that can make the world a safer place. Many people have different heroes, like me for example, my hero is my older brother Taylor. He's always there for me. When I'm injured, he will be there to give me hugs whenever I need them. Many people have different heroes, but Taylor's mine.

By: Kayley