Lake Waco

A Tourist Guide for Lake Waco in Texas

Welcome to Lake Waco

Lake Waco is an amazing place for you and your family to escape the busy life and relax. The lake has several nice parks around the lake. Lake Waco offers various types of recreation such as boating, jetskiing, water skiing, camping, fishing, swimming, birding areas, and biking and walking trails.

Species Catchable Here!

Endangered Species In The Area

1. Smalleye Shiner

2. Sharpnose Shiner

3. Guadalupe Bass (shown in picture)

Major Invasive Species In The Area

1. Zebra Mussels

2. Emerald Ash Borer

3. Invasive Snails from Asia

Share Lunker Program

There has been one catch here in Lake Waco donated to this program! The fish was 13.87 pounds, length 25.5 inches, and its girth 21.5 inches.

*Picture shown of the fish on the right*

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