Recollection this Sunday

For High School Students

Dear All,

We just wanted to remind you that this Sunday is our monthly morning of recollection at Chaucer Drive Study Center. Please see the details below.

Hope you can make it!


Alex Hoff

Director, The Grade

Morning of Recollection

Sunday, April 3rd, 10am-12:45pm

5505 Chaucer Drive

Houston, TX

Morning of Recollection

All high school boys are invited to attend a morning of recollection at the Chaucer Drive Study Center.

A morning of recollection is like a mini retreat where you can spend some time in silence with God and reflect on the direction of your spiritual life. There is time for prayer, spiritual reading, and an examination of conscience. There is also confession available and Sunday mass will be offered. It is a great opportunity to *recollect* yourself and make good resolutions (both spiritual and material) for the month to come.

Here is the schedule:

10:00: Arrive, examination of conscience, spiritual reading
10:30: Holy Mass
11:30: Talk
12:00: Meditation (time of prayer), preached by a priest in the chapel

12:30: Snack
12:45: End