Nectar of the Gods

A communal dance event honouring a deeper KINnection

The Story

Ambrosia, the Nectar of the Gods, has been spoken of, and experienced as an exhalation of cosmic energy as a blessing for this planet. A pure force that streams into us, when we forget to hold up the barriers of separation. Instead, one can find themselves inhabiting a state beyond yet embodied and present with what is. The unshakable heart-knowing. The veils thin, our breath catches, and all of life floods in.
On November 24th 2012, let's gather together to raise the torch flame in the middle of winter's night. To call in the sweet Ambrosia of Life to bloom within us, so we may bask in the light in the darkest of times.
*Decadent super food elixirs, to inspire the divine heart/body/spirit connection.
*Opening and Closing circles to create a safe, sacred container for us to fully open, and explore within the dance.
*Epic, luscious, bumpin' tunes to move you into embodied yum-ness!
*Vendors, visionary art, treats, community vibe
We are most definitely a drug and alcohol free event! Thank you for respecting this boundary. $15 at the door. No advance ticket sales

Sets By: DJ IllumiNate: eclectic world, tribal tech, and upfront house music

Creating an up-lifting mix of eclectic world, tribal tech, and upfront house music, the dancefloor has no choice but to erupt in energy when DJ IllumiNate hits the stage.

Having earned Alberta-wide praise and recognition for co-creating dancefloor bliss at amazing local festivals including Inshala, Intention, North Country Fair, Bow River Flow, Astral Harvest, and Winter Soulstice, Nate is back with a bright smile once again to energize and ignite the celebrating masses with pure love, radiant light, and driving house beats!

Muskoaka: IDM, Experimental Electronica
MuskoakA (aka) Andreas Adams, started off his professional Dj Career with the Calgary based affiliation Area709, Which is well known for its high quality control, fine attuned seamless melodic mixing and acute beat matching. After a 3 years of playing such events as Entheos, Inshala, Motion Notion and Shambhala + helping cultivate a myriad of other west coast parties and events. he left 709 and ha
s been moving deeper into the art of his production and self promotion.
In June of 2010 he Released his first Debut EP; Slow Motion Breath Forward. As one half of " Talik " (Cory Zaradur & Musk'oakA) - In November of 2010 he released his Debut solo album; Its The little Things That Count. He is currently preparing the final touches on a 4 track EP; Time Is.
Andreas also provides specific audio environments / sculptures for Independent Films, Dance performances, Workshops, Theatrical Experiences and TV shows alike, Such as the L.O.V.E Collective, Kundalini Dance, and Various Mixed Midea Projects. The Talik project will soon be featured on a "HighDefinition Deep Sea Diving Show," airing in 2012 on OLN Canada. Called: Descending - From the producers of a world renowned travel TV series; Departures.
Taking pride in his intentional and emotional exploration of sound. he works mainly with Provocative Landscapes and lush Melodic IDM, Down-tempo Glitch and long notes that seem afraid to dance with each-other. Creating a dynamic experience for the fine tuned ear, and a welcome change for the modern dancer who evoke's stories with movement.

DJ Yoni

Dj Yoni is beginning to bud on the music scene with a celebration of sounds to excite and delight you. Surrender to the smile as she guides you through the sacred passage way of your own dance journey, leading you home to yourself.

DJ Erebus: Temple Dub

Dj Erebus got his start back in 2002, shortly after being first introduced to the electronic music scene. Captivated by the pulsing beats and basslines, Vincent discovered a whole new world of music that grabbed onto him and allowed him to discover dance for the first time in his life. Not satisfied with merely being a spectator, Vincent quickly developed his skills as a dj and started playing at small parties and events throughout the city. Over the years, his sound has ranged from trance/hard trance, psy, hardstyle (regretfully), house, breaks and most recently glitch and dubby music. His new sound is a blend of spiritually-themed sounds mixed with world music, glitch and dubby elements. Uultimately his sound cannot be categorized as each set is unique and suited to the event.
Often being able to “see” the music as expressions of colour, the visions in his mind’s eye quickly expanded to full-fledged images and often times full stories than would unravel in his mind as the music played out. This eventually led to his switch from dj to visual artist. Both his art and music have been featured at various Western Canadian music festivals including Inshala, Motion Notion, Astral Harvest and Shambhala. See his art at or on facebook under Vinicello Designs


Saturday, Nov. 24th 2012 at 7pm-12am

901 11 Avenue Northwest

Calgary, AB

Hosted by the Red Tree Collective