Mustang Message

Week of January 13, 2014

A Principal's Perspective

At the beginning of the new year you always hear about diets, a balanced diet, exercise, getting fit, nutrition plans, etc. You know what I am talking about. I thought that the poster below sums up a perfect balanced approach to the new year! As we plan for the spring semester, we know that preparing our students to be successful is hard work - not to be taken lightly. We can find ourselves consumed with our task at hand. Remember that it is important to have balance at work, home, and in life. So as we work together for the success of our students, lets also strive to have balance so that we can do our work positively, effectively, and efficiently. Meanwhile, I am thinking about how to balance that cupcake on the treadmill - hmm!

I was out on Thursday and Friday this past week. Thursday, I had the joy of attending new student/parent conference with my daughter, Kara, at Texas A&M! Friday, my sister and I began the process of sorting our my dad's estate. We are just at the beginning of that long journey! Although a stressful day meeting with lawyers and bankers, the highlight of the day was spending time with my sister. Laughter, tears, and sharing of memories with my sister was a treasure for the day.

This upcoming week, I will be at a Lead Forward conference in Austin on Wednesday with Sally Hughes and Julie Cooper. We will be looking at trends in student performance to plan for instruction and intervention. Thursday and Friday I will be in Dallas attending the Harvard Leadership Reunion. Each year, HEB brings together the principals in Texas that have attended the Harvard Leadership Institute. This session will focus on something that we have been talking about at GP and CSISD - grit and tenacity of our students. I love the Harvard reunion because it is a learning opportunity, a time to catch up with principals across Texas, and learn about the hot topics in Texas education. I love learning and look forward to learning about what I can do to be an effective instructional leader as a principal.

Speaking of learning, our first grade team will be at a first grade conference Monday and Tuesday of this week. The conference is specifically designed for the learning needs of a first grade teacher. I know that they will bring back best practices and innovative ideas to implement and share with our team. All hands on deck to support our first grade students as their teachers are students themselves on Monday and Tuesday.

Looking forward to a great week!

Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:30): Bahls

Gym (7:20): McMurray

Cafeteria (7:20): Fortner

Bus (7:20): Matthews

Parent Drop Off: Grant & Williamson

Librarian: At GP this week

Counselor: 1st & 2nd

Week at a Glance

Tuesday, 1/14: K GT Parent Orientation @ 5:30, Consol High School

Tuesday, 1/14: PTO Spirit Night at Double Dave's Pizze 5-8

Thursday, 1/16: Reach, UIL @ Grace Bible Church

Friday, 1/17: Math meetings with Jeanna during conference times

News & Notes

  • Don't forget that our BRAVE group will be picking up paper, plastic, and aluminum cans for recycling on Fridays. Thank you BRAVE!

  • As we have student teachers on board for this semester and as we get in the swing of things for the year, I wanted to provide a friendly reminder about our dress code. If you have a student teacher, please share with her our professional dress expectations.

- Jeans are great for Fridays or designated jean days. Jeans, including dress denim, should only be worn on Fridays/designated days.

- Leggings are very popular and are in style. I love them too! When choosing to wear leggings, please ensure that the top that is worn with the leggings is mid thigh or longer. This helps to maintain professionalism and follows the dress code in place at the high school that our students have to follow.

  • Clark Ealy, district director, will be on campus in the upcoming weeks to conduct a safety audit. He will be checking that our our outside doors are indeed locked, that we are wearing our district ID, that our classroom doors are locked or locked/propped, etc. Please review our safety procedures that are in the handbook. Clark's visit is in preparation for a district safety audit required by TEA.

Mustang Yee Haws!

Congratulations to Tia Williamson on her holiday wedding engagement! We are very happy for you!

Our GP student family is growing! Congratulations to Jennie Fortner on her new bundle of joy arriving in August!

Funny for the week: During the reverse drills conducted the last week before the break, kindergarten teachers and students tried very hard to enter the building quickly and safely. Our kindergarten times ranged from 45 seconds to 2 minutes +. Report from kindergarten: one student stuck on the monkey bars :)