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October 1st, 2020

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Message from the Principal

We are super excited for the return of our Wildcats here at Laura Dodge Elementary on Monday, October 5th for the students participating in the Family 3:2 Model. We would also like to thank you for your support at the beginning of the year during remote learning. This was a great way to learn while keeping everyone healthy and safe! Special thanks goes out to the teachers here at Laura Dodge, proving that they can do "Virtually Anything!" We are truly blessed with amazing teachers here at our school.

The safety of our Wildcats is a priority for us here at Laura Dodge Elementary School. Due to CoVID-19 some of our practices will look very different. Students will attend school according to the Omaha Public Schools Family 3:2 model. Students with the last name A-K will be in Group A and will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students with the last name L-Z will be in Group B and will attend school Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays will alternate between groups each week. Students in households that have different last names will follow the schedule of the oldest student in the household.

Students will be required to wear a face covering during the time they are in school. We also ask that all parents speak with their students about safety procedures such as keeping their face covering on properly over their nose and mouth during the day, appropriate hand washing, and social distancing. We will take every precaution to keep everyone safe.

Several layers of health and safety efforts will be part of the new school year. First and most importantly, if staff or students feel ill or anyone in their home feels ill, they need to stay home. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing measures, frequent hand washing or sanitizing and adjusted meal procedures will all be incorporated into daily routines. Conditions and guidelines will change, requiring all of us to be flexible and work together for the best outcomes for our Wildcats. We know we cannot achieve this alone. Accomplishing a responsible return to school requires all our participation.

As a safety measure, we will not have visitors in the building. Our staff is here to assist your student get to class each morning and exit the building at dismissal. As much as we love seeing families in our building, we will have to adjust our practices until further notice. At this time, you will not be able to have lunch with your students, visit classrooms, walk students to class, or pick them up from the classroom.

For health and safety reasons, all drinking fountains at Laura Dodge will be off until further notice. Through the hard work of our Wellness Committee, we have secured water bottles for all students for the upcoming year. Each student will be assigned a water bottle on the first day.

See the school start dates below:

Monday, October 5, 2020: Students with Last Names beginning with A –K

Thursday, October 8, 2020: Students with Last Names beginning with L-Z

Here is a video we have prepared as a visual to help with the return of our Wildcats on Monday, October 5th.

Laura Dodge Elementary Return to Learning Family 3:2 Model Video

We can't wait to see everyone!!!


Cody Hays

Important information for Parents

Building Security

For the safety and security of our students and this building, we will not be allowing visitors into the building at this time.

Morning Drop Off

Students are allowed to arrive on campus at 8:25 AM. For the safety of your children, it is important that you follow these guidelines. Students who choose to participate in Grab and Go breakfast can be dropped off in the front drop off loop at the Southwest gym door. To assist with the flow of traffic, once you stop within the sidewalk area to the right of your car, please have your students exit your car and walk up to the gym door. If your child does not desire breakfast, Early Childhood (Pre-K), Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade will line up at a designated location at the east end of the building (door 10). Students in 2nd, 4th and 5th who do not want breakfast will line up at a designated area at the main door (door 1). It is important to talk to your son or daughter about social distancing in line. Red dots will be located outside at all designated areas to promote social distancing.

Grab and Go Breakfast

This year will be doing a Grab and Go Breakfast from the gymnasium in the morning. At 8:30 students that are lined up outside the southwest gym door in the morning, will come in and form a socially distanced line on the out-of-bounds line of the basketball court. At 8:35 students will receive a plastic sack and chose between hot breakfast or cold breakfast (cereal). Students will have the option to select milk, juice and fresh fruits. Students will then walk their sacked breakfast to class.

Staggered Dismissal

To limit the number of students in the hallways at dismissal and to promote social distancing Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade will all exit the building at the East exit (door 10). 3rd grade will exit at 3:55, 1st grade will follow at 4:00 and Kindergarten will exit at 4:05. 2nd, 4th and 5th Grade will exit the main entrance door (door 1). 4th Grade will exit at 3:55, then 5th Grade at 4:00 and 2nd Grade at 4:05. Each grade will have a designated area for parents to stand and wait to pick up their students at dismissal. We ask that parents do not stand by the exit doors, this makes getting out of the building very difficult. Please wait patiently by the designated sign for your child's grade level.

School Messenger

We will be using the School Messenger (Robo call or email) to communicate this year. Please make sure to contact the office if you need to update your contact information.

Birthday Celebrations

Due to COVID-19, we will not allow any outside items brought into the building. We will continue to highlight students and have them feel special on this day!

Title 1 School

Laura Dodge continues to be a Title 1 school this year. We will be receiving addition Federal funding to support with Reading and Math student achievement, as well as fun activities for family engagement. Please see the attached Parent Compact

Notes from the Nurse

Thank you parents for all that you are doing to keep your child(ren) healthy and safe. Here are some tips to help with the current health guidelines:

  1. Monitor temperature daily before school. If your child is not feeling well, please stay home and notify the school.
  2. Wear face coverings daily. Remember 6 ft social distancing of students upon coming in school and throughout the day. Frequent hand washing through the day also.
  3. Provide up dated phone numbers if they have changed.

Nurse Stickrod

Links for parents