Goldfieds: Women & Children

By Mark


160,000 women were on the goldfield in Victoria they would help their husbands with the food and washing and anything the husband needed in 1860.

Children moved schools frequently because thier parents moved locations in search for gold. Moving to new locations also meant that schools were not eatablished.Children had to wait for an education because most parents could not educate their own children when they had no education.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. cooking

2. singing and dancing for diggers

3. some women were diggers

4. shopkeeper

5. caring for children

6. make bread, butter and jams


Conditions were poor on on the goldfield. Many children died because of the foul muddy waters they had to drink.

People died from whooping cough, measles and other diseases because there were no hospitals. Cemetres were set up to bury the dead.

Women gave birth because nurses and medicines were limited.