AIDS in Africa

By: Samantha Wieland

The Impact of AIDS.

AIDS is a huge problem in the southern part of Africa. South Africa has the greatest amount of infected AIDS/HIV people in the world. 6,000 people have died per day and 11,000 are infected. It has really made a big impact on Africa. It has made an impact on the economy, agriculture, household, health, and education. This disease is basically 100% fatal to everyone who is infected.

The Biggest Impact


When more and more people are infected with AIDS/ HIV, more money needs to be spent on medical supplies and drugs to help the infected. It is hard to find funeral areas and pay for them when the patient dies. When more employees are dying, it is getting difficult to train and get skilled people to do the job. Farmers are dying and the harvest are getting smaller and smaller. Parents who die often have kids that need to be cared for and they go into orphanages. Orphanages are running out of supplies to care for all of these kids and need money.

Patients in the hospital are not getting any source of income from their jobs. So, people are cutting back on necessary things like food to pay for hospital funds. Because so many people have AIDS, the cost for health care is higher that normal. At the hospital, people with AIDS take up half of the beds. In order to make room for other people, the AIDS infected are only admitted if they are in the latter stages of the disease.

Many kids that are going to school have to stay home to take care of family members that are sick. Also, some have to drop out because they are unable to pay for school anymore. It is hard to get teachers that are expirienced. Some classes are left with no teacher and have to go to other classrooms.



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