McFarland EC-5 Elementary Express

September 2016

September EC-5 Dates At-A-Glance

September 1 - Welcome Back to School!

September 1 - Half-day of school for 5K ONLY/Dismissal @ 11:42pm

September 2 - First full day of school for 5K

September 2 - 3rd grade- Last Day at the Beach!

September 2 - WIS Assembly: Figureheads @ 1:30pm

September 5 - NO SCHOOL: Labor Day

September 6 - Early Childhood and 4K Begins

September 16-18 - McFarland Family Festival

September 18 - Family Festival Homecoming Parade at 12:00pm

September 22 - 5th grade field trip - Mackenzie Center

September 23- NO SCHOOL - Staff Professional Development Day

September 30 - Homecoming

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CEELC & Primary School News

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From the desk of Principal Boatman...

Welcome to the start of the 2016-17 school year! I hope you had a chance to relax as a family and spend time with loved ones. We were so fortunate to have a gorgeous Wisconsin summer.

Staff have done an amazing job preparing safe, creative, and inviting learning spaces for our young students. We want to work collaboratively with you to help your child learn and grow. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about your child. In September we will focus on building connections and relationships at school. We want your child to feel safe and loved.

Lastly, I'm very excited to share with you that my family will be welcoming a new baby this fall. The district is working on determining the plan for who will fill in for me, temporarily, while I'm on maternity leave.


Sarah C. Boatman

EC, 4K, 5K, 1, 2 Principal

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Bike Safety

Bike racks are located in front of the McFarland Primary School. To maintain a safe environment for all, we want bikers to follow these expectations:

  • Bike helmets are required for students who ride their bikes to and from school.

  • Walk bikes on the sidewalks while on school grounds. Bikers are expected to walk their bikes on the sidewalks when approaching and leaving school grounds.

  • Bikes are to be parked in or near the bike racks.

New Staff on the Elementary Campus

Sheryl Leemon - MPS Building Administrative Assistant

Rebekah Hulse - CEELC/MPS School Psychologist

Amie Martin - Library Media Specialist

Jana Orlowskie - 2nd Grade Teacher

Summer Davis - 1st Grade Teacher (job sharing with Heidi Knapp)

Kim Knettle - RA/Kindergarten Education Assistant

Kendra Shelton - Occupational Therapist

Caitlyn Hiveley - 2nd Grade Teacher

Ashley Sarnosky - Early Childhood EA

Elizabeth Itzen - Early Childhood EA

Primary Campus Enrollment

148 - 4K Students

146 - Kindergarten Students

178 - 1st Grade Students

165 - 2nd Grade Students

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Teacher on Special Assignment - Greg Nelson

The Elementary Campus has a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) position. The role of the TOSA is to primarily support student behavior, supervise students in different school environments, and assist with projects for the principal and Elementary Campus. Greg Nelson will serve as the TOSA for the 2016-2017 school year. Along with student services staff, he will serve as a resource for student behavior by working with students 1:1 and in small groups, and collaborating with teachers and parents to address a variety of individual behavioral needs as they arise. He will assist the recess team as they plan for a safe and fun playground experience. Greg will also collaborate with school staff on other projects and responsibilities throughout the year, such as professional development and school safety planning. Please feel free to contact Greg directly at (608) 838-4500 ext. 4930 or at

Waubesa Intermediate School News

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From the desk of Principal Murphy...

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! The Waubesa staff has been busy getting ready for the arrival of our students. We can't wait!

I am never sure how much the community knows about what happens in schools over the summer. Most of you know we have an excellent summer school program that has amazing attendance rates. However, many people don't know about all of the teacher meetings, trainings, and planning sessions. The past month in particular has been very busy.

As a part of our school goal setting meetings, we established goals for academic, social and emotional learning. We know this community is full of families that have high expectations for the learning of their children, just as we do here at school. Your help in following through by supporting your child's homework completion, making sure they arrive to school on time (between 7:30am and 7:52am) and have regular attendance, and promoting reading at home are all vital components of school success.

We will be continuing our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program called Waubesa POWER (Pride, Ownership, We take action, Empathy, and Respect). If you are a parent of a third grader you know this program as Spartan Stars. We have been happy with the success of the program and will continue to teach our students about our behavioral expectations.

Additionally, we will have the school-wide theme of The Power of One, The Power of Team, and the Power of Community. As a part of this theme, students will be involved in activities that focus on their ability to be a part of positive changes to improve themselves , their school, the community and the world. Providing service to others is a key way to be a change agent and will be a part of our efforts with students.

Please know that you are always welcome to visit Waubesa School. Feel free to call and set up an appointment at any time to meet with me or just stop by to say hello if you are in the building. These brief visits are an excellent way for me to meet you and learn more about your children.

Welcome Back!

Sue Murphy


Waubesa Intermediate School

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Parking Lots



When dropping off or picking up children at Waubesa, Please use the Drive-Thru parking lot off of RED OAK TRAIL. This drop-off area has been expanded for your convenience and the safety of students. Simply pull over near the front of the yellow zone, let your child safely exit on the passenger side and leave. There is no need to wait for the car ahead.



Please do not use the Leanne Lane parking lot for drive-thru drop off or pick-up of students. This parking lot is for buses, daycare vans, and all those who need to park and enter the school with their student(s). We ask that nobody is pulling into the Leanne Lane parking lot and dropping their students off.

Wild Cherry – Leanne Lane Intersection

The 15 minutes before and after school can be very busy times around Waubesa Intermediate School. It is important that all parents follow the pick-up and drop-off procedures outlined. It is also important for each of us to follow the 15 mph speed limit during this time. This is especially true near the Wild Cherry and Leanne Lane intersection. Many students do need to cross there, and cautious driving will help keep our children safe.

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Parent/Student Handbook

When you registered online this year you were asked to read the Parent Student Handbook and then click to acknowledge that you had done so. There are some items in the handbook that have periodically been problem areas for us. The handbook is located on our school website. Please make sure you take a few minutes to check over the sections on dress code, technology and attendance. Reading through these sections really helps reduce confusion with our expectations.

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First Bell



Tardy Bell




Our school day begins at 7:52 am with a bell tone. A second tardy bell will sound at 8:00 am. Students not in their classrooms at 8:00 am will be marked tardy that day. Please have your student(s) to school by 7:50 so they are able to be on time to their classroom. Adult supervision is available on our playground at 7:30 am, and in the commons for breakfast starting at 7:15 am.

New Staff at Waubesa

Jessica Callaway - School Psychologist

Paul Otteson - Music Teacher

Ryan Beck - Special Education Teacher

Christine Punzel - Student Teacher with Mrs. Beam's 3rd grade class

Mika Passini - Student Teacher with Mr. Well's 5th grade class

Lyra Gullickson - Special Education EA

Katie Deegan - Special Education EA

Tammy Pysher - Special Education EA

Lydia Fimreite - Special Education EA

Traci Newman - Special Education EA

Julie Aust - Office Educational Assistant

Katie Frye - Office Educational Assistant/Playground Supervisor

Waubesa Enrollment

180 - 3rd Grade Students

176 - 4th Grade Students

180 - 5th Grade Students

Picture Re-Take Day - October 3

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We will be holding our school district wide picture re-take day. This will be during the school day in each of your children's schools.

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Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol will help monitor stairwells, bike racks, and the school playground before and after school. Thank you Ronelle Jordan for organizing our patrol this year!!
Big image the PTO for their continued financial contributions. We feel very lucky to have such a supportive parent organization. You are appreciated!

Thank you to parents for making summer school a huge success as well. So many students took part in enrichment classes as well as academic support classes that will better prepare them for the start of the school year.

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Food Allergy and Classroom Snacks

The McFarland School District is committed to the daily management of students with identified life threatening food allergies. The increase of these allergies in the school setting poses unique challenges for both students and staff. Our goal is to avoid and prevent accidental exposure for those students to the allergenic food substance. Therefore, all classrooms at Waubesa Intermediate School will be observing a nut free environment (peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, and walnuts) and some homerooms may have other food restrictions. This does not apply to the lunchroom setting. Please visit the website for a link to a safe snack guide.

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