Language class

With Mrs. Knodle and the "hardworking" class

What goes on in the language class down the hall?

By: Emily Cesaretti

That language class must be real fun.....

Well in our class it's not all about fun and games. We have our good laughs here and there but we get to work on all the stuff we need to do. All the stuff I have above is what we occasionally do but sometimes we do some different stuff.
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PARCC testing

When it comes to PARCC Mrs. Knodle knows how to get you ready for it. Sometimes she shows us what the test is going to look like, or when it comes to something we are learning she says this will be on the test so we make sure we listen. Also, when we write essays she makes sure we are doing it right so we know that we are going to do it right on the PARCC tests, so we will get a higher percentage. All in all Mrs. Knodle makes sure you know everything and know how you are going to do everything on the PARCC tests.


This is my first year with Mrs. Knodle and she so far is a great teacher. I love being in her class and it can be really fun. She teaches all the right stuff and doesn't do a bad job at all. I really like her class.