Frindle Book Review

By Carson

Frindle by Andrew Clements

I read a book titled Frindle. Frindle was written by Andrew Clements. Mr Clements has four grown boys. He lives in Massachusetts and writes in a small shed behind his house.

Frindle is about a boy named Nick.Nick invented a new word for pen. It caused a lot of trouble when Nick was in the 5th grade but he did get it in the dictionary 10 years later. He also made a lot of money from the word Frindle.

I thought the book was good because Nick was thinking. I liked when Nick called a pen a frindle. I did not like when Mrs. Granger was angry because everyone was using the word frindle in class. It was disruppting class and she made the kids who said frindle stay after school and write it 100 times.

When the newspaper got involved the problem got bigger. Nick's parents wanted it to go away. It did not go away. Nick's dad met with a man who set up money for Nick. Nick had more money than he knew what to do with.

At the end I liked how Mrs. Granger sent Nick a pen and a dictionary that had the new word in it. He set up a scholarship with Mrs. Granger's name for kids to use to go to college.

I would recommend this book to Mom because when she reads it she will know that new words can be used and added to a dictionary. I thought Mr. Clements wrote this book because he was trying to teach kids to learn about words and where they come from.