The Weekly Growl

April 4 - 8, 2016

This Week

Monday, April 4

  • 3:25 Spirit Walk
  • District Track Meet @ Dragon Stadium (RRHS)

Tuesday, April 5

  • District Track Meet @ Dragon Stadium (RRHS)
  • Beginner Orchestra Festival @ SPHS

Wednesday, April 6

  • Soccer Try Outs

  • UIL Choir @ Eastview HS, Georgetown

Thursday, April 7

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • Soccer Try Outs

Friday, April 8

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • 7:45 Student of the Six Weeks Awards Ceremony
  • Soccer Try Outs

Next Week

Monday, April 11

  • Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 12

  • 6:00 Meet the Dawgs Parent Meeting

Wednesday, April 13

  • 6:30 Orchestra Concert @ Cafeteria

Thursday, April 14

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • 6:30 Orchestra Concert @ Cafeteria

Friday, April 15

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • 7:45 IB Community Project Awards
  • 3:30 - 5:30 School Dance

Saturday, April 16

  • Orchestra Solo & Ensemble @ Hopewell

Upcoming Events

April 20 5:00 PTA Board Meeting

April 21 5:00 Soccer vs. Grisham @ Westwood HS

April 27 7:00 Dance Spring Show

April 28, 29 6:00 Children's Show - Theatre

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Madelyn Winnek 10

Lisa Mierkiewicz 20

Kadia Koch 21

Mary Helen Tamayo 24

Jayson Sherman 27

A Drop in the Bucket

To Jennifer Gregorcyk for working to find solutions for students' literacy needs. I appreciate how she sought help for one of her students who needs a lot of reading intervention.

- Sofie Vastano

I would like to give a shout out to Sam Smith, Tulullah McKinley, Turmaine Rice, and Amanda Morales.....the most vital element of Team FAC! They roll with field trip punches, fill in the "I have a meeting" gaps, and create amazing learning opportunities for our students In short, they bring the Hernandez Way to an all new level. Ashley Brunette and Patti Cole could not express in words how much we love and appreciate these four people!

- Patti Cole

All teachers and office staff "THANK YOU" for all your hard work and dedication, as we get closer to the end of the year you are all holding strong and working as hard as you were at the beginning of the year. I really appreciate all you do for our students and Hernandez MS.

xoxo Evelyn

Again, another huge thank you to our STAAR Team: Maggie, Caitlin La, Mrs. Barnhart, Jeremy for keeping our testing ship on the right course. Everything went smooth because of the organization and all the planning. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Thanks to Laura Terry for being a great relief person. Always on time.

Thanks to Mr. Lafuente for preparing and planning our upcoming New Directions trip to UT and Mrs. Seelig for doing the same for our volunteer trip to the Round Rock Serving Center. Thanks for being great co-sponsors.

- Milton Perez

So... My team is the best team... Thank you Natalie Nichter-Ramirez and Jennifer Bacak for taking care of all everything with aplomb. Much love!

- Sofie Vastano

Many drops to Mr. Kino for supporting us out in the portables day in and day out with escorting students. He is a lifesaver!

- Jayson Sherman

I would like to put a drop in the bucket of Ms. Cashdollar, Mrs. La, Mrs. Raesz and Mr. Thompson. Their long hours and hard work paid off with a very successful and smooth round of STAAR testing.

I would like to put a drop in the bucket of Ms. Bradford, Mrs. Seelig, Mrs. Le, Mrs. Dougherty, Mr. Montgomery and Mr. McBride. They have been working hard to design an effective plan to prepare our 8th grade students for the US History STAAR exam.

I would like to put a drop in the buckets of Ms. Howard, Mrs. Carter, Mr. LaFuente and Mrs. Tarquino for all of their hard work in preparing our 7th grade students for STAAR writing. I am certain the children did well on the exam last week!

- Mario Acosta

I would like to acknowledge the amazing interdisciplinary units that have launched this semester! Congratulations to Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Barnhart, Mrs. Flores, Ms. Hoeber, Mr. Gembicki, Mr. Perez, Ms. Seelig, Ms. Peloquin, Mr. McBride, Mr. Smosna, Ms. Squires, Ms. Powell, Mrs. Reale, Mrs. Mierkiewicz and Mrs. Dominguez. I really loved observing your interdisciplinary units in action! Looking forward to seeing some more interdisciplinary units coming soon!

- Desiree Le

Thank you, Coach Eke for being such a team player. You're AWESOME!!!

- Nompumelelo Masuku

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