Life of Pi

Jude Asamoah and Ben Stahl

Think Fast!!!

  • You're on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean!
  • The only other organisms around are four zoo animals that threaten your existence!
  • Do you wait for natural selection to take its place or do you take action?
  • Your life depends on your next choices!


Survivor - Eye of the tiger by DivineAngel

Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi

  • Yann Martel was born in Salamanca Spain in 1963
  • His family moved from country to country when he grew up, giving him insights into many different cultures
  • He currently lives in Montreal, Canada at the age of 49


  • An Indian boy named Pi Patel (his actually name is Piscine but kids made fun of his name in school... just think about it) and his family take a boat to Canada on their way to a new life
  • Along the way, a disaster occurs, leaving Pi and four zoo animals alone in the middle of the ocean in a lifeboat
  • As you can imagine, this would make any person doubt what he/she trusts and believes in just like Pi does in the book
  • How does Pi survive in a harsh environment with dangers all around him including in the lifeboat?
  • The conclusion has a twist that will make you rethink the whole book over!

Here is a joke: four animals and an Indian go on a lifeboat...

Pi Patel has to thrive on a lifeboat with an Orangutang, Zebra, Hyena, and a Bengal Tiger

Pi was not alone on his adventure on the small life boat

  • On the journey, the hyena kills the orangutan and zebra, then the tiger, Richard Parker, kills the hyena
  • Richard Parker(tiger) originally starts off as an enormous problem for Pi, but through the story the two unlikely companions bond with each other
  • These two find themselves in the adventure of a lifetime in this fictional thriller

Life Boat

  • This is a rough sketch of the lifeboat that Pi and the animals were stranded on during their days at sea
  • The boat in the book is 26ft by 8ft
  • As you can imagine, riding on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger for 200+ days would be inconvenient to say the least

Pi Patel

  • Protagonist of the book
  • Son of a zoo owner from Manila, India
  • Struggles often throughout the book with both emotional and physical problems
  • Practices Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Faces many struggles like teens do in life
  • Finds humor sometimes to deal with challenging situations

Book Facts

  • Published in September 2001
  • Takes place in India and the Pacific Ocean
  • Adapted into an award winning movie


This book is multicultural because it deals with Indian beliefs and ways of life, as well as what he should believe in according to his parents. It also shows struggles with faith and religion which many people struggle with.