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-The Filipino people themselves are very easy going, and its not hard like them. The Filipinos are such a happy, family-oriented culture and they help one another when they are in trouble.

- the average income in the Philippines was $11,959.56

-Climate of the Philippines is either tropical rainforest, tropical savanna, tropical monsoon or humid subtropical.

Cultural Information

-Filipinos cook a variety of foods influenced by Western, Pacific Islander, Asian cuisine and Spain.

-Filipinos are very fond of music. They use various materials to create sound. Settlers from Spain introduced to them a variety of musical instruments lie the ukelele, trumpet, drums and violin.

random facts

-The Philippines is the only majority Christian nation in Asia. Eighty percent of its population identifies as Roman Catholic.

-The Philippines is the only country in the world whose flag is hoisted upside down the country is at war.

Roasted Pig

Lechon is roast pig in Filipijno and its the ultimate fiesta fare in the Philippines. It originate form Spain's roasted suckling pig and Filipino share this fish with other former Spanish colonies like Cuba. Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic.
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Political Information

-The Philippines is a democratic republic with an executive, legislative and judicial branch. The elected president serve as both the head of stare and the head of government. The legislative branch ha two bodies; the upper chamber is the Senate and the lower chamber is the House of Representatives.

-The Philippines is named after King Philip II of Spain(1556-1598) and it was a Spanish colony for over 300 years. Today the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,000 islands. The first people in the Philippines were hunter-gatherers. They grew rice and domesticated animals. The Philippines became independent on 4 July 1946. Manuel Roxas was the first president of the newly independent nation. Today the Philippines is still poor but things are changing. Since 2010 Philippine economy has grown at about 6% a year. Today there is reason to be optimistic for the future.

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a description of a famous historical event

500,000 BCE-The early humans in the Cagayan cave.

400,000 BCE- people belonging to the species Homo Erectus set foot on the Philippines.

55,000BCE-The first Homo Sapiens in the Philippines

50,000BCE-Early humans made stone tools in the Tabon Cave in Palawan.

8,000BCE-The ancestors in the other cave: Batangas, Bulacan and Rizal.

Famous people in the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla and Bretman Rock.
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Review of a popular tourist attraction in the Philippines

Kayangan Lake(Coron), Mayon Volcano(Legazpi) and Batad Rice Terraces(Banaue).
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An Overview of food, agriculture and overstock.

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Culinary History of the Philippines.

Philippine cuisine consists of the food, preparation methods, and eating customs found in the Philippines. The style of cooking and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries form Austronesian origins to a mixed cuisine of Malay, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, and American as well as other Asian Indian cuisine adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate..

Favorite Recipe.

Adobong Manok (Chicken in vinegar Sauce)

  • Chicken, cut into serving pieces -- 2 1/2 to 3 pound
  • White vinegar -- 3/4 cup
  • Soy sauce -- 1/4 cup
  • Onion, thinly sliced -- 1/2
  • Garlic, crushed -- 4-6 cloves
  • Bay leaf -- 1-2
  • Peppercorns -- 6-8
  • Salt -- 1 teaspoon
  • Water -- 1 cup
  • Oil -- 1/4 cup
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