Beowulf Project

Azeen Bemani

Part One

My hero is my brother because he has always been there for me when I needed him to be. Through recent family struggles, he has stepped up and takes care of our family. He's always been there to help me in any way possible and never says no when I need him most.

Part Two

“I’m not gonna come down, down off of these clouds. All these heroes come and go, you’re still standing. You teach me to rise up, to open my eyes up. All these heroes come and go, you’re still standing. You’re still standing.” – David Cook

The meaning of this is that the person's hero is there forever. They aren't going to abandon them as did other "heroes". They're still there for the person and the person is showing that the hero is making an impact on them.

Beowulf showed this example by sticking up and being a hero to his own. He fought and never backed down.

My brother has been my hero since day one. He has always been there for me and still continues to be there for me. Ever since I was younger, he always showed me the right path of everything. If I ever seem sad, he will always work his ways to make sure I'm happy and caught up with life.

Part Three

Beowulf and The Hunger Games both represent the theme of deadly battle. In the Hunger Games, people are killing each other as in tributes in their area. They have this problem with each other because only one can survive in the end. In Beowulf, they're all fighting Grendel because he is killing everyone in the town. This relates to each other because both are fighting for survival.