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October 18, 2020

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This Week - Feast Day of St. Luke

This week is a special week as we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Luke on Sunday October 18th. We will celebrate the Feast Day of St. Luke as a school community through the Liturgy of the Word at 1:30 on Monday as well we will celebrate our Grade 4’s as they receive their bibles.

St. Luke the Evangelist helps us to learn so much about Jesus and our faith from his writings in the Bible. He writes many stories about Jesus’ life that are not written about in any other Gospels. St. Luke writes in terms of “we” instead of “they” showing that he was part of a group that spread the Gospel. It is through these stories that we come to learn more about the life of Jesus and the faith of the Church.

St. Luke was a painter who used his gifts and talents to communicate the Good News. We can ask St. Luke to help us all discover and develop our gifts and talents to help us all spread the Good News of Jesus. As our Grade 4’s receive their bibles let us pray that seeing the written word will help them deepen their faith in Jesus and encourage them to share their gifts and talents with others

Chaplin's Message

St. Luke, Evangelist & Gospel Writer

Patron Saint of artists, physicians, and surgeons

A first-generation disciple of Christ gives the Church two foundational works

Saint Luke was one of the four Evangelists but not one of the Twelve Apostles. Luke was more likely a disciple of Saint Paul, who mentions Luke who accompanies him on his missionary journeys. What is known is that he wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles—over a quarter of the New Testament. The two volumes of Luke and Acts are foundational works for knowing Jesus Christ and the early Church. Only Luke writes down the Virgin’s Magnificat and gives us the scriptural basis for the “Hail Mary.” He must have been humble because he recedes into the crowd while the whole cast of the Gospel climbs on stage. Luke’s Acts of the Apostles is a diary of the very early Church. Acts is often told from a first-person perspective with the use of the word “we.” Without this journal, there would be yawning gaps in our knowledge of the nascent Church.

Saint Luke, your words preserving the life of Christ make Him knowable and lovable to the world today. Through your intercession in heaven, we ask that the riches of your Gospel, especially your words about the Blessed Mother, may inspire us to be more faithful disciples.

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Aritist in Residence: Rooney and Punyi

St. Luke students this week virtually created stories through drama skits guided by Rooney and Punyi. Students will show their creative talents again this week as we continue to learn dramatic techniques.

Thank-you to the School Council for their financial support of this project. Additional funding was obtained through a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts: Artist Residency Program.

COVID *New Information

As a parent/guardian you are required to complete a daily health screening check for your child each day before they come to school. We need everyone's help and commitment to these health checks, as well as making sure that your child stays home if they are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms.

These guidelines provide a clear inderstanding of what parents need to do and how long students need to stay home from school.

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY WEEK POSTER CONTEST for students in K-6 October 18 - 24

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Our next meeting is happening tomorrow! Please join us Monday, October 19, 2020. The Annual Budget meeting will start at 5:30pm followed by the School Council and Parent Association meetings beginning at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome and ideas for how we budget funds to support our students in 2020/2021 are encouraged.

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If you haven’t already, please consider joining our brand new School Council and Parent Association Facebook page! We are excited to offer this official space to share news and updates about events, fundraising, hot lunch and more!

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Celebration of the Feast Day of St. Luke and Grade 4 Bible Presentation

Join us as we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Luke and the Bible Presentation for our grade 4's on Monday at 1:30. To join the google celebration click here.

SWAT - Student Wellness Action Team

This week SWAT is organizing a Dress as your Favourite Book or Movie Character on Thursday, October 22. Students can dress up as their favourite book or movie character. Names of students who dress up will be put into a random draw to win a prize!!

Upcoming Dates

Sunday, Octoboer 18:

  • Feast Day of St. Luke

Monday, October 19:

Thursday, October 22

  • Dress as your Favourite Book or Movie Character Day

OLPH (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish)

Visit OLPH Website for more information about the parish and in regards to sacremental preparation.

Read the lastest bullitin from OLPH.

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