Save the Monarchs

By: Lauren Hartmann

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Monarchs Threatened?

The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognizable species of wildlife in all of America. They undertake one of the world’s most remarkable and fascinating migrations, traveling thousands of miles over many generations from Mexico, across the United States, to Canada.

The Texas Milkweeds and Monarchs project is focused on restoration of the monarch butterfly habitat. Monarchs are listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. By planting the widely available Tropical Milkweed, Ascelpias Curassavica, the hope is that the population can be restored.

North American monarch butterflies are in trouble. Much of our continents prairie and Grasslands are being converted to crop agriculture. These threats, include loss of milkweed habitats which are needed for laying eggs and for caterpillars to eat, much of the population of Monarchs are being devastatingly impacted.


Making an Impact... "One Monarch at a time"

Every backyard, every highway roadside and every park, can become a haven for Monarchs. From school groups, to employee workers, we can help rebuild and protect the habitat for Monarchs by coming together and planting Milkweeds.

Why Milkweeds? Monarch butterflies will only lay their eggs on this specific plant, and without help the Monarchs could go to extinction.

"Making an impact one monarch at a time. Becoming Green one plant at a time. And staying connected one community at a time."

How I helped... and steps to take

1) Buy two Milkweed plants (asclepias curassavica) and plant them in your yard

2) Document your milkweed plants on (or in journal if you dont know how to record the information and transfer it later)

3) Choose a specific time of day that you will look for any monarchs or caterpillars and after data collection record what you see on

Journal and Updates

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Save the Monarch - Initiative Announcement

Science and Technology

Society today technology plays a very important role in our lives; right now technology is being used to help build, create, and improve conservations for both plants and animals that are threatened. With the help of multiple websites, specifically tied to SAVING THE MONARCHS ( our community and nation is able to work together, sharing information and contributing to todays society and save the Monarchs.
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