The Runaway Twin

A book with suspense and action created by: Haania Raja

This book combines suspense and action with reflections on the true meaning of family as Sunny learns that sometimes we must let go of our dreams in order to embrace a different,better future

Sunny Skyland really wants to be reunited with her twin sister Staar. She remembers the last time she ever saw her and decides that she belongs with her sister, the only person that gets her. She begins a journey full of risks and life-threatening dangers. She makes it, but only to be faced with a whole different challenge.

The Protagonist and The Antagonist

Protagonist: Sunny-A girl who is 13, a foster kid who has been relocated 7 times, and a girl with a very devastating past

Antagonist: HSS-HSS stands for human social services which is a community service that gives foster kids a place to live according to their background

Some of the characters

extra info

The character of Snickers is based on a real dog who was the cherished companion of Julie Carton.