Rights and responsibilities

for teenagers


This leaflet is going to take you through an important guide to the rights and responsibilities which teenagers may not be aware about. This includes criminal responsability, cyberbullying, age of consent, harrasment and sexting. These laws are important but many teenagers do not think they apply towards them. I will be teaching through this site about what is essential know.

Age of criminal responsability

The first law which applies to all children is the age of criminal responsability. The age you have to be when you start taking responsability for criminal offences is 10. It is crucial for children to know this but many of them don't. So if you commit a criminal offence at 10 you are allowed to be punished eg: being sent to a young offenders institute. I believe this is a law which should be taught to all young children as at the moment I have not spoken to anyone who knows of this law.

Age of consent

Now this law applies to tennagers, the law in Britain at the moment is that if you are younger than 16 it is illegal to have sex or to ask to do so. The law states that if you are caught have sex under 16, you will have no defence even if you are both under the age. As it is against the law you can be put on the sexual offenders list or a criminal record. But this law does not take place all around world due to religous ethics and tradition. These laws are better taught than the age of criminal responsability in my opinion, but there ar still young teenagers who do not know.


The meaning of the word sexting is the sending of a sexual photo of yourself or somebody else, to another person. This is against the law for the person who has the picture on the mobile and the person who sends the picture. I is still against the law if you are under the age of 18 and the person you are sending the picture to is your boyfriend or girlfriend. The concequences of sexting can be very bad and can spiral out of control. If an indecent picture is put on the internet it is up there forever. The picture can put on websites and become viral. This is why you should be careful of the pictures you are sending around. Sexting can come back to haunt you when you areolder aswell because say you were applying for a job and the interviewers googled you and found an indecent picture of yourself they would probably not give you the job.


Cyberbullying is bullying via technology. This means that if you have been caught cyberbullying you can be prosecuted according to the Malicious communications Act 1988. Basically it snt tolerated so be careful what you say to people as it may be harmful towards them.


This law is similar to bullying and cyberbullying but this applies mostly to normal life. If you are being mean to a person because of their ethnicity, sexuality or race you can be prosecuted according to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Again this isnt tolerated even if you are a child. Be careful about what you say to people.

More information

For more information have a look at this site and it should give the answers you are looking for.