El Salvador awaits!

Come visit the tropical and unique country today!

The Basics

El Salvador is located in Central america and bordered by the countries Guatemala and Honduras. The weather is temperate inland, while near and on the coast it's tropical. The country itself is slightly smaller in size compared to the state of Massachusetts.

Fitting In

The dominant language in El Salvador is Spanish, so be sure to know the basics in case you run across someone that doesn't know your native language. Take note that close friends are known to hug and kiss. When eating, guests are always served first and it's rude to leave after eating, take time to chat with your hosts and thank them. Salvadorians are extremely hospitable and welcoming. Never take photos of religious ceremonies or people without asking permission beforehand. Do not walk into shops wearing swim wear, always be fully clothed if not at the beach.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

There are two subcultures in El Salvador that are also well known in the United States, the two being Punk and Emo. One of the most well known tourist attractions in the country is the Divine Mercy Shrine - as shown in the picture above, don't miss out! Be sure to try the country's most popular and unique food, the pupusas. A pupusa is made of a homemade corn tortilla and is usually filled with cheese, pork or refried beans.


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