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October 14, 2016

Star Student- Malakye Tatum

I am proud to announce this week's Star Student is Malakye Tatum. Malakye is a hardworking, compassionate, old soul in our classroom. This week he has really impressed me with his drive to be the best he can be. He made it extremely easy to pick him for Star Student with his motivation and perseverance on the Blue Ribbon Character Trait Writing Task. He used every moment he had to ensure that it was his best writing to date. If he finished other work early he asked me if he could work on his writing. Even when creating a card for the Lunch Staff was an option, Malakye chose to write. This kind of devotion and hard work is what being a Star Student is all about!

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell a little story about Malakye. Last week, a first grade teacher came to me and told me Malakye walked his little brother to her classroom one morning. She said he explained to her in a very respectful manner that his little brother should not be playing with one of the other students in first grade because they get in trouble together. I was blown away to hear about this interaction. Not only does it take a lot of courage to go talk to an adult in such a mature manner, it shows how caring Malakye is of his little brother. Malakye, I wish I would have had a big brother as kind and compassionate as you, and I am so proud to be your teacher this year. You are a remarkable young man, and I see big things for you in your future. Just keep working hard like you did this week, and I think you will end up surprising YOURSELF this year! Way to go!

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Blue Ribbon Character Trait Writing Award- Nevaeh Werdehausen

Nevaeh is our Blue Ribbon Character Trait Writing Award Winner! This month's character trait is responsibility, and she wrote two fantastic paragraphs about being responsible and irresponsible. These two paragraphs were filled with great details that brought visuals to the reader's mind! I was so impressed with her story telling skills and how she set up the story's setting, followed by a beginning, middle, and end that pulled me into the story and made me feel as if I was right there with Nevaeh while it was happening! Way to go, Nevaeh! Thanks for sharing your stories...even if the second one was fiction! ;) They were great!
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Book It!

The Book It! program begins in October. I will send home a recording page on Monday for you to record your reading on. Once you have read the required 100 pages, sign the bottom and bring your form back to school. I will send home your pizza coupon in exchange. Happy reading!

Specials Schedule

Be sure to check your child's monthly calendar for the Specials Schedule! It is located in the back of your child's Home Folder. Please wear tennis shoes on PE days! Call or text me if you are ever unsure!

Scholastic Order

Unfortunately, we didn't have any orders in the month of September. Scholastic is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to build your child's library at home! Every order also earns points for my account, and I use those points to buy books for our classroom and for presents for the students! Your order can make a difference! This month's Scholastic order is due on October 21. Please use the following code to make your order online. You may also make an order by filling out the order form and sending in a check for the total amount due. Please do not send in cash. Thank you!


Important Dates

October 17- Flu Shot Clinic for Students

October 18- End of 1st Quarter

October 20- Parent-Teacher Conferences/Book Fair

October 24- Parent-Teacher Conferences/Book Fair

October 26- Brag Tag Assembly- 10:00-11:00

October 27- Fall Party- Bowling- 1:00-2:00

October 28- No School- Staff Compensation Day

What's Going on in the Classroom?

Character Trait- This month we are going to focus on being responsible! Ask your child about all the great books we are reading!

Math- The students were challenged with a Performance Task this week. Their task put their skills to the test! Each student was given $200 to "spend" on school supplies for the classroom. They were given supply catalogs and were required to create a list of supplies they would like to buy for the classroom. This list included the product's actual price and the rounded value of each price. Once their list was complete, the students had to add both the rounded values and the actual values and compare the two answers. If their total was greater than $200 they had to subtract items, and if it was less than $200 they had to add more items until they were as close as possible to $200. Finally, they had to explain the reasonableness of their two totals to describe the differences between them and why those totals are different. This is something you can do in the grocery store together to practice math skills in a real world scenario!

Spelling- This week we learned about the many different ways to make the S sound (s, ss, ce, ci, cy), and about words in the TOUGH group (many different ways to make the OU sound. We also learned to spell the five core words: once, animal, life, enough, took. They took a test on Friday which will be graded and returned on Monday. Next week's core words are: four, head, above, kind, began. Be sure to practice them every night to ensure success on the test next week!

Next Week's Spelling Test Words:



















Language- We focused on compound words and how to use spelling patterns to help us spell other unknown compound words.

Writing- The students completed this month's Blue Ribbon Character Trait Writing. They had to write about a time they were responsible and about a time they were irresponsible. They had to include the outcome of both situations and explain how they felt after each experience. All of these writings go into their class binder to show how their writing improves throughout the year. There will be one for each month of the school year as long as your child completes all of them.

Reading- We reviewed skills this week and practiced them independently with our own books. We also completed and reviewed the weekly reading morning work. These are short passages that the students complete every morning. Each one has 6 questions. They come home with a score almost every day, but I do NOT put these scores in the grade book daily. The only one I usually enter is the Thursday, Day 4 passage, and I ONLY enter grades for questions that match standards that have already been taught. Keep in mind that] I do not enter every score into the grade book. However, I do grade all assignments to give students feedback about their work. Please let me know if you ever have questions about your child's grades.

Social Studies- We continued to learn about the U.S. Constitution and the Three Branches. The students should be able to identify the purpose of the U.S. Constitution, name the three branches, and explain the job of each branch! All the information they need to know is located in the song below! Enjoy!

Our Government Song

"Our Government"

Lyrics Written by Mr. Starke

Instrumental: Heathens by 21 Pilots

Video Production: Mr. Johnson A.K.A. Mr. J

Rap Vocals: Mr. Starke A.K.A Starkey Starke

Introduction and Singing Vocals: Mr. Ferguson A.K.A. Fergy Ferg

Our government is made of three branches

Executive and Legislative

And then there’s the Judiciary

They work for the people

You and Me

It all started back in 1776

When they were tryin’ to claim


It was John, Tom, and Ben

And John Hancock

You know he signed it big

At the bottom of that doc

They wanted to be free

Didn’t want to be ruled by a king

Cuz Thomas Paine said it didn’t make sense

So they wrote to King George…the

Declaration of Independence

Sing it…

Our government is made of three branches

Executive and Legislative

And then there’s the Judiciary

They work for the people

You and Me

So then they thought

We need some laws

Keep our nation grounded

Fix our flaws

So they came up with a simple solution

Sat down and wrote the Constitution

It’s the Bill of Rights

Amendments too

They workin’ for the people

Me and you

They give us choice

And Freedom of speech

Divided up the branches

Into three

Listen to these words

Sing it Mr. Ferg

Our government is made of three branches

Executive and Legislative

And then there’s the Judiciary

They work for the people

You and Me

Enforcin’ laws

Executive's the President

Vetoin laws

The white house the residence

The legislative’s Congress

House and the senate

Writin' laws

Each state's representin’

Judicial makes em’ fair

Interprets the word

Checked and balanced

Sing it Fergy Ferg

Our government is checked and balanced

It spreads the power through the branches

And makes sure they are bein’ honest

Guess who’s writin’

It’s Francis Scott Key

The Star Spangled Banner

Oh say can you see?

Bombs bursting in air

Flag in the sky

Pride in his heart

And a gleam in his eye

Our national anthem

I’m proud. Can’t you see?

We’re the home of the brave

And the land of the free

Our Government Song

Homework Options and Links to Websites

Some parents have requested homework for their child. Below will be links to websites that can be accessed at home. Some of the websites either allow your child to practice on the computer, laptop, or iPad, while others allow you to print off worksheets. Please read the section above to know what we are doing in class, and choose the websites and/or worksheets for your child to match the skills we are learning in class. As I come across other websites or ideas I will add them to the list throughout the year. Also, feel free to text, call, or email me with any questions or if you are wondering what skills your child needs to practice.

1. Read Every Night

2. Practice Math Facts with Flash Cards

3. Practice Spelling Words- New words and words missed from the previous week.

4. Website or App for practicing math facts- Login information was sent home on Friday, August 26. Let me know if you lost the login information.

5. Website to print off worksheets for any skill you want to practice. You can even choose the grade level to meet your child's needs.

6. Website to print off reading comprehension passages, spelling, language, and writing worksheets. You can choose the grade level and skill you would like your child to practice.

7. Website to print off reading comprehension passages, spelling, language, writing, and math worksheets. You can choose the grade level and skill you would like your child to practice.

8. Website to practice spelling at any level on your computer, laptop, or iPad.

9. Math and Reading Practice

Kid President Meets the President

I've never seen Kid President speechless! He talks non-stop- until he meets the President of the United States! I thought this would be appropriate with the election coming up! Nice to hear the basics in all the hype- "If we teach kids how to be respectful and nice to one another, then maybe they'll grow up to do the same thing and we'll have a lot fewer problems, don't you think?" ~President Obama

Agreed! #leadbyexample

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America